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Beyond The Light Barrier (2023)

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A legendary meteorologist spends her days on earth attempting to convince the world that her alien lover from an advanced human race existed, and held the only solutions to all our problems on earth.



How do you find this stuff??

Me and my friend have a huge book and DVD library of RARE UFO and contact media... so why are you finding more weird contact meida than us :-0 !!?

I have weird/rare contact docs which can be uploaded soon.... but just say how you locate such things pls... ;-)

There are certain private torrent trackers that have "scene releases" of new movies and documentaries. So if an old movie gets re-released on Blu-Ray, a group of rippers will get that title and rip it and make it available on those private trackers as a new upload. If you select "Documentary" in their search engine and not type anything in the search and hit enter, you get a complete list of every documenary uploaded on the site. So one can go fishing there and just find all the newest stuff, most interesting, rare etc. That's what I used to do more often on PTP, but I haven't been keeping up with them - plus they were offline for a long time. As far as I can tell, the new releases are also converted to x265 exclusively for ConCen as well...

The thing is with private trackers, you need to have fat pipes or a seedbox to maintain a good ratio on the site, so you can have all the upload/download credit etc.

OK Mr C - I get all that about private Seed Boxes / trackers - but to me - that rings true more for certain releases in a more mainstream area...?!

We both know that the UFO/Exopolitics/Contact scene is still, even at this stage in history, maligned and ignored by the "ALT" community as a whole - never mind the "tolerant" mainstream web types...!?

So are you saying these groups exist based on certain themes or interest pools??


I know which site it came from - I just did a search for it. From what I understand, these groups of rippers find anything new and rip it. So this Beyond the Light Barrier documentary was just released, so a certain group nicknamed 'LAMA' ripped it. They might focus on independent stuff, while other groups there might focus on mainstream releases. I am not quite sure how that works, but I think they just try to get as much of everything as they can!

"I know which site it came from - I just did a search for it. From what I understand, these groups of rippers find anything new and rip it. "

That makes more sense. A community simply grabs and seeds ANY new media releases they loCate... 🙂

That's why I visit CONCEN almost every day ;-)

You should do an advert for the ConCen tracker.. 😉🙂


I'm astonished you found this before me...

Mostly as I know this case well AND additionally I am an observer of satellite govt actions in S.Africa and the British role [along with my workk with Alec Newald on the Kalahari UFO crash].


... the download did not start after several minutes. Then I got the file from The Pirate Bay.

About the content:
Mankind is not a "virus" in this planet. The controllers do not allow us to access tech like Free Energy. So 8 plus billions of bodes needs of course will pose a heavy burden to the material resources. But with the right tech we could put to use non-newtonian propulsion and spread all over the solar system and beyond... as has been doing the Breakaway Civilization.