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Beyond the Conspiracy: Unmasking the Invisible World Government

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Genre: Politics & Government, Globalization
Publisher: World in Review
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0963401963
ISBN-13: 978-0963401960
Format: PDF

The English author and MI6 operative H.G. Wells in his work The Open Conspiracy wrote about the lack of understanding of “the common man” of secret societies, as did Dr. Jacob Hass, the biographer for the American Justice Brandeiss, who said that secret deals are made about which it is very difficult to obtain definitive information, until they are lost in the antiquities of time when men are apt to write their memoirs.

It has been commented on many times during the course of history that the average person in most countries has little or no time to spare to think beyond making a living, raising a family and holding down a job to make these objectives possible. This leaves little or no time to attend to politics or matters of economics or other vital issues, such as war and peace that affect their lives and the life of the nation.

Governments know this. So it seems do highly organized groups operating behind many different front organizations which always have the edge over the citizenry. What the average individual does not know—and will probably never know—is that all great historical events are planned in secret by men in total privacy. Dr. Gerard Encause in his work “Mysteria” of April 14, 1914 put it this way:

The “power” Wilson was talking about is the Committee of 300 and Wilson knew he did not dare to mention it by name.

“Side by side with the international politics of each State, there exists certain obscure organizations…The men who take part in these councils are not professional politicians or brilliantly dressed ambassadors, but certain unknown men, high financiers, who are superior to the vain ephemeral politicians who imagine that they govern the world.”

Such a group were the men of the English East India Company, whose antecedents sprang from the Catharis, the Bogomils, and the Albigensians who had originated from Manichean Babylon, and who went on to become the controllers of not only England, but of the whole world. It has been the experience throughout recorded history that one of the common denominators is man’s desire to control. No matter what societal structure is examined, there are always a group of certain individuals, in whom the need to control is paramount and who form themselves into secret societies. Anyone who seeks to expose these societies is himself in danger.