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Ben Goldacre - Bad Science: Quacks, Hacks & Big Pharma Flacks

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Bad Science

By Ben Goldacre

Published by W. F. Howes in 2010

Tags: nonfiction, science

MP3, Unabridged, English

Nominated for the Samuel Johnson Prize. We are constantly bombarded with inaccurate, contradictory and sometimes misleading information - until now. Ben Goldacre masterfully dismantles the dubious science behind some of the great drug trials, court cases and missed opportunities of our time. He also shows us the fascinating story of how we know what we know, and gives us the tools to uncover bad science for ourselves. This recording is unabridged. Typically abridged audiobooks are not more than 60 per cent of the author's work and as low as 30 per cent with characters and plotlines removed.