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Ben Dragon's video on Rituals and Magic - Part 2

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This is a video of Ben Dragon's supplemental audio lecture "Rituals and Magic" part 2. Be sure to get part 1. Ben Dragon really gets into the more esoteric meaning of it all. I found his stuff REALLY GOOD and I loved his book which I found tremendously insightful. He not only sees through the system but PROVIDES SOLUTIONS and gives answers. Reading and listening to his stuff forced me to think. The answers that he gives helped me a lot personally. That's more than other researchers can say who just constantly say that the sky is falling and provide nothing to help us understand. I read all that this guy has to say. I thought I'd share it with others. Both parts are also available on YouTube. His website is at: His email address is: He has more stuff about this and other things on his website. Here are some other torrents on his stuff. This one is from his book. These are his supplementary audio lectures. Thom

This is the Part 2 of the video version of Ben Dragon's "Ritual's and Magic".


His website is at;

Ben Dragon's E-mail address is:

b-c AT

I'll post more on his work when he does.

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