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Ben Dragon's AMFH Supplemental Lecture on - Freedom

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This is reupload that I have been asked to reup a few times now, but FINALLY are getting around to it.

This is from the torrent...

This is a supplemental Audio Lecture to Ben Dragon's book AMFH [A Manual For Humanity] and this one is called "Freedom".
In this lecture Ben Dragon talks about how the word "Freedom" is used to confused the minds of the listeners. He goes on to cover other words that are used in similar ways and talks somewhat, about the technics that they use to make them work on us.

This guy continues to impress me! He has a very good... no an outstanding! understanding of what is going on and how they are making us go along with there bullshit agenda! I wish his talks were a bit longer than 25 or 30 minutes, but he's putting one up about once a week now, so I'm ok with that.

If I were you I'd go back and listen to all of his stuff.


This is a supplement to his book "A Manual For Humanity", but I'm quite sure that everyone will find this stuff good... I certainly do!

His website is at;

Ben Dragon's E-mail address is:

I'll post more on his work when he does.

Thanks to those that download my torrents and make sure to check out my other ones too!

Thomas C.


Don't forget to look at my other uploads and expect more as time allows. He has lots more stuff up on his site, but I only have a DSL line and my uploads suck!

NOTE: Actually, I think that they are gone from here, but I'll try to dig them out when I get the time.


Are you really in control of your life? Or is it the frontman called Ego, who is ruling you? Have you ever asked yourself who's really running your ship?

Mr Dragon breaks down what the word Freedom really means as it is used by the establishment. Freedom is a powerful word, but the media's version of Freedom usually ends up being a detachment from your Self. It can also mean a detachment from your family, morals and decency. Look around you, and you will hear the words, freedom, strength and change, in repetitive subliminal commands. Yet these words have no substance and give you no direction.

After listening to this lecture you will come to understand a bit more about how Freedom is used for deceptive purposes.

Yeah, I read that part too.
The press never defines certain words like strength & freedom and progress and we always fill in our own personal info on what we would like to hear. That is part of mind control to make you feel like you are a part of something when _you_ are just being used.
I feel like an idiot as I never noticed it before I listened to his audios. Now I look and listen to things much more deeply than I did before.
I think most people are just looking to be entertained though, using their instinct for survival for an added emotional rush to their entertainment. Ah, well. That is the price for freedom of will. You can be free to throw it away.