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Behind the Pandemic and the Globalist Agenda - Alex Jones (16Sep2020) [720p]

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Alex Jones Behind The Pandemic: How the Globalist Agenda Will Cause a Massive World Depression & Destroy Society
LONDONREAL.TV, 16th September 2020

Alex Jones is an American broadcaster, journalist, and founder of the independent media platform InfoWars. Over the past 3 decades, he has dug beneath the surface to expose the truth on some of the most controversial moments in history, including the Oklahoma City bombing, and 9/11 attacks. He launched InfoWars in 1999, which now receives 10 million visitors every month, and is synonymous with the endless fight to protect civil liberties. In 2018 his channels, with over 5 billion views, were removed from ALL technology and social media platforms, and he now exclusively broadcast through his own independent media platform.

The subjects covered in this interview include:

  • Have We Gained Some Ground On Big Tech Censorship?
  • Are Big Tech Companies Just Looking Out For Their Longterm Financial Interest?
  • Is ‘The Social Media Dilemma’ An Insight To The Future Of AI?
  • Talking About The ‘Scamdemic’ And The Last 6 Months
  • What Do You Tell People Who Bring Up The Statistics Of Deaths?
  • Has The Economic Damage And Social Scoring Already Happening?
  • This Is The Big Challenge, To Stand Up For Our Views
  • Can We Trust Taking The Vaccine?
  • What Do You Do If The Vaccine Becomes Mandatory?
  • The Mayhem Of BLM Protests Going On In The USA
  • How Do You Make People Start To Believe In Their Government Again?
  • The 2020 US Elections – Alex Jones Predictions
  • We Shouldn’t Trust The Polls
  • Human Destiny & Freedom

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