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Be Wise As Serpents by Fritz Springmeier (1991)

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Be Wise As Serpents by Fritz Springmeier (1991) Jesus told his disciples: "Be wise as serpents & harmless as doves" BE Wise as Serpents is the history of the systematic destruction of Christianity and the building of a one-world-religion. As you read this research based on a. confidential interviews with participants within in the conspiracy, b. interviews of unwitting participants within the conspiracy, c. and historical documentation you will discover that there is great evidence for a history we have not been told, and a great struggle before mankind as the one-world-power and one-world-religion comes into focus. UNIT 1 THE MAGICAL WATCHTOWERS Who Built Your Frame of Reference Document Packet Pillars of Mystery 2 Progressive Light 3 A Rainbow of Dragons 4 Mysteries of the WT Society 5 The Emerald Island 6 God's "Anointed Seed" 7 "To Have My Throat Cut" 8 A Blank Check 9 "Jehovah" 10 The Magical Watchtowers 11 The Channel of Angelic Redemption 12 Cult of the Double-Sexed God Jehovah 13 The New World Society 14 The WT's Mein Kampf 15 The Mark of the Beast 16 Smokescreens 17 UNIT 2 THE SECOND TOWER OF BABEL Assassinating 3 assassins 1 Capturing the Catholic Church 2 A Revolution in the Minds of Men 3 A Family Affair 4 The Golden Age 5 "The Healing Light" 6 Councils of Heresy 7 Mormons, Moonies, and Masons 8 Heresy interlocks with Power 9 Reviving the Mystery Religions 10 Comparing New Order Statements 11 The Second Tower of Babel 12 UNIT 3 THE SYSTEMATIC DESTRUCTION OF CHRISTIANITY Preparing the Money System 1 Interest taking 2 Financial wizards 3 Education 4 The Media and Communication 5 Concentrating Power 6 Scandals 7 Separating Church and State 8 America's Concentration Camps 9 Where the Rubber Hits the Road 10 tags: conspiracy, Christian, Illuminati, secret societies, Masons, Lucifer, Babel, deception
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