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All 3 seasons: Connections 1-3.

40 parts, 10 files, Xvid and DivX

Information about Connections 1

This ten volume series was made by turning science into a detective story, James Burke creates a
series that will fascinate students and adults alike. This interdisciplinary approach has never
before been applied to history or science and it succeeds tremendously. Winner of the Red Ribbon in
the American Film Festival, the scope of the series covers 19 countries and 150 locations, requiring
over 14 months of filming. As the Sherlock Holmes of science, Burke tracks through 12,000 years of
history for the clues that lead us to eight great life changing inventions-the atom bomb,
telecommunications, the computer, the production line, jet aircraft, plastics, rocketry and
television. Burke postulates that such changes occur in response to factors he call triggers, some
of them seemingly unrelated. These have their own triggering effects, causing change in totally
unrelated fields as well. And so the connections begin...