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Bashar - Channeled by Darryl Anka (Beyond the Secret etc)

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This packet includes:

1. Creating Your Reality - The Four Laws (VIDEO)
2. Miscellanous (AUDIO AND TEXT)
3. Accelerating_ET_Contact (AUDIO)
4. Beyond the Secret (AUDIO)

Bashar is a male member of a 5th dimensional civilization called the Essassani. This is an "informal" concentrated summary by Iasos of some of the core concepts of Bashar, based on his books "Quest for Truth" and "Bashar: Blueprint for Change" and also based on listening to many cassettes of channeled evenings where Bashar responds to questions from the audience.

The entire Essassani civilization is based on unconditional love, ecstasy, fun, following your excitement, being totally non-judgemental, and giving validity and equality to each individual in the society. Bashar, as experienced from the tapes of the channelings, is extremely enthusiastic - almost to the point of seeming cartoon-like! And yet he has an incredibly fast mind, an amazing wit, a loving heart, and of course a profound understanding of reality.

[Highly truthful and hilarious, awesome find!] :D