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Videos Banned from Tactical Toolbox's YouTube Channel

1. SECRET Gun Confiscation You Didn't See Coming (2019)
2. The InfeKtion of America (2019)
3. The Untold Story of Your Enslavement (2020)
4. YouTube Deleted this after 57 Minutes (2020)


that way of labelling is quite like ol Bob Diggins used to do.

The way I labeled the torrent or the way the creator labeled his videos?

such as using the K instead of a C along with antichrist.. just kind of set off a wee itch at the back of my head sorta memory thing if you know what i mean.

the only people that don't want guns banned in the USA are the white rednecks in the middle of bumfuck who are afraid to communicate with any one other than there own kin.
Then they go pray with snakes


guns is what keeps the parasites from taking total control and imposing slavery. Anyone giving away their power to these parasites deserves what is coming. I would have rednecks as neighbours instead of snowflake liberal mentally ill unstable rat out communist snitches. These so called authorities are private foreign criminal corporations posing as government.

No way. The government wants to get rid of guns to keep us all safe. Duh.

well I am no snowflake liberal. I am an Ex Parachute REgiment Soldier (3 Para) and I think the gun law we have here in Scotland are fine, sensible and saves live. then again we only really have VERY rare shooting here and it's criminal on criminal.
We had 1 single school shooting and the laws were made stricter.
I think a licensing system that
A/ makes sure you are not a screaming fucking nutbar or fucking idiot
B/ Makes sure you are not a criminal/terrorist of any persuasion
C/makes sure you get some basic tuition and safety training
D/makes sure your weapons and ammo are stored safely and securely
E/ Teaches you good practise and maintenance of your weapon (last time i was in the US i went to a friend of a friend's place where he had land. the plan to shoot some stuff. I was handed a weapon that had rust on the flash eliminator... it made my brain itch ~shudder~ )
I think that's reasonable and helps prevent retards from negligent discharge scenarios and saves live/injury in the weapon owner and other around them.
It also helps stop fucking idiots, miscreants and lunatics getting guns.
I think it's fair to say that i have probably had more firing experience than most here, especially when it comes to actual warfare. Any other war veterans here? there used to be
I have seen up close what a wide variety of weapons can do and have felt what it's like being on the receiving end and what makes me both laugh my balls off and hang my head in despair are these morons who talk big about what they'll do with this and that and their weapon.
Usually those guys are the first to drop their guts(vomit) when they slot someone for the first time and often regularly after that.
the bigger the talk the bigger the vom.
there does seem to be something in particular about America though.
Canada as i recall has a a higher percentage of gun ownership but less mental use of it. EVERYONE in Switzerland is an Army reserve and has a full kit at home... not many mental usage. There's seems to be a mindset in America where guns use has a higher crazy to it.
I am quite a fan of Demolition Ranch btw and have no probs with gun ownership as long as people are properly trained and competent.
I plan to buy a couple of weapons this year and they will live in Malta as the ones i want are not legal here in Scotland.
A old British Army L1A1 (SLR) (the weapon i trained with in Basic)
And a Semi auto Barrett M.82 both around the 1000-1200 Euro mark.
they will be used PURELY for benchrest. Bench Resting is a very zen thing, just you, your weapon, your breathing and the target.. everything else melts away.
They will be stored at an Armoury at a range there as will the ammo and only taken out to go on the ranges there.
Not much hunting there and you could probably shoot easily from one side of the country to the other with the
So i am not anti gun. I am anti letting fucking morons, idiots and muppets with no self control getting their mitts on deadly weapons.