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Bad Seed: The Truth About Our Food (2006) HTD 2018

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Happy Torrents Day - 30th March 2018

Published in 2006 and considered as one of the pioneer expose of GMO, this bold and convincing documentary grabs you in the guts and doesn't let go.

When Adam Curry and Timo Nadudvari first learned about the hidden consequences of the genetic engineering of food crops they were shocked and appalled - then they decided they had to tell others what they had learned.

The video examines the issue of genetic engineering of food from the real-world perspectives of leading scientists, farmers, food safety advocates and the victims of genetically engineered products.

It exposes a heinous scheme by large corporations with long criminal histories to gain control over the world's food supply by infecting food crops with patented DNA.

It also exposes Agro-Tech lies, the corruption within the US FDA and the all-to-real risks to human health.

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