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Bad Blood: A Cautionary Tale (2010)

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What if your life-saving medicine contained deadly viruses – and the drug manufacturers, the government, and your own doctors knew but failed to warn you?

Through the eyes of survivors and family members, Bad Blood chronicles how a “miracle” treatment for hemophilia became an agent of death for 10,000 Americans. Faced with evidence that pharmaceutical companies and government regulators knew the product was contaminated with deadly viruses from the 1960s through the early 1990s, the hemophilia community launched a powerful and inspiring fight to right the system that failed them and to make it safer for all.

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This is a must see documentary. It clearly demonstrates how criminals in lab coats knowingly sold AIDS and hepatitis C infected products for years, for nothing other than profits. It also sets the stage to understand why they continue to lie about the safety of vaccines.

But how about "Dr. Mary's Monkey" ?
The history about how the monkey's kidney cancer virus infected all Baby Boomers...
We are talking about hundreds of millions !

If you government did this to you, a little "bad blood" should not get much attention :-(

... grab it if you haven't seen it. It clearly and unequivocally demonstrates that corporations and government will harm and/or kill thousands of their own citizens for profit.