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434 Books in PDF format Uploaded to for direct download. Total size 5.8GB Books included: Albert Jay Nock - Jefferson Albert Jay Nock - Memoirs Of A Superfluous Man Albert Jay Nock - On Doing The Right Thing Albert Jay Nock - Our Enemy, The State Albert Jay Nock - Snoring As A Fine Art Albert Jay Nock - The Book Of Journeyman Albert Jay Nock - Theory Of Education In The Unit Alexander Gray - The Development Of Economic Doc Alexander Gray - The Socialist Tradition Andrew Dickson White - Fiat Money Inlfation In France Antoine Louis Claude Destutt, C - A Treatise On Political Economy Arthur Ekirch - Man And Nature In America Arthur W. Marget - The Theory Of Prices Arthur W. Marget - The Theory Of Prices, Vol. I Benjamin Anderson (1917) - The Value Of Money Benjamin Anderson - Economics And The Public Welfar Benjamin R. Tucker - Individual Liberty Bettina Bien Greaves - Free Market Economics_ A Basic Bettina Bien Greaves - Free Market Economics_ A Syllab Bettina Bien Greaves - Ludwig Von Mises On Money And I Bettina Bien Greaves - Mises_ An Annotated Bibliograph Bruno Leoni - Freedom And The Law Burt Blumert - Bagels, Barry Bonds, And Rotten Butler Shaffer - Boundaries Of Order Butler Shaffer - In Restraint Of Trade By Erik Ritter Von Kuehnelt-Led - Liberty Or Equality By John T. Flynn - As We Go Marching C.A. Phillips - Banking And The Business Cycle Cannan - Money Carl Menger - Investigations Into The Methods Carl Menger - Principles Of Economics Carl Menger - The Origins Of Money Carl Snyder - Capitalism The Creator Charles Callan Tansill - Back Door To War_ The Roosevelt Charles Duncombe - Duncombe's Free Banking Charles Holt Carroll - Organization Of Debt Into Curre Charles Normon Fay - Too Much Government, Too Much T Charles O. Hardy - Credit Policies Of The Fedearl Charles Rist - History Of Monetary And Credit Charles Rist - The Triumph Of Gold Charles T. Sprading - Liberty And The Great Libertari Chesly Manly - The Twenty -Year Revolution_ Chester Arthur Phillips - Bank Credit Chi-Yuen Wu - An Outline Of International Pri Condy Raguet - A Treatise On Currency And Bank Constantino Brusciani-Turroni - The Economics Of Inflation David Gordon - An Introduction To Economic Rea David Gordon - The Essential Rothbard David Osterfeld - Freedom, Society, And State David T. Beito - Tax Payers In Revold Dean Russell - Men, Motors, And Markets Dean Russell - The Tva Idea Douglas E. French - Early Speculative Bubbles And The Increase In The Money Supply Edit By Ronald Radosh - A New History Of Leviathan Edwin Cannan - Wealth Edwin Walter Kemmerer - Gold And The Gold Standard Elgin Groseclose - America's Money Machine Elgin Groseclose - Money And Man Elisabeth L. Tamedly - Socialism And International Eco Erik Maria Ritter Von Kuehnelt- - The Menace Of The Herd Ernest Benn - Confessions Of A Capitalist Ernest Benn - The State, The Enemy Ernest J. P. Benn - Debt Ernest J. P. Benn - The Return To Laisser Faire Eugen Von Boehm Bawerk - The Positive Theory Of Capital Eugen Von Boehm-Bawerk (1890) - Capital And Interest Eugen Von Boehm-Bawerk - Karl Marx And The Close Of His Eugen Von Bohm-Bawerk - Control Or Economic Law Eugen-Maria Schulak - The Viennese School Of Economic Eugene Richter - Pictures Of The Socialist Futur Eugene V. Boehm-Bawerk - Recent Literature On Interest Eugene Zamiatin - We F.A. Harper - Liberty_ Its Path To Recovery F.A. Harper - The Writings Of F.A. Harper, Vo F.A. Harper - Why Wages Rise F.A. Hayek - Collective Economic Planning F.A. Hayek - Denationalisation Of Money F.A. Hayek - Free-Market Monetary System.Qxp F.A. Hayek - Individualism And Economic Orde F.A. Hayek - Monetary Nationalism And Intern F.A. Hayek - Monetary Theory And The Trade C F.A. Hayek - Oral History F.A. Hayek - Prices And Production F.A. Hayek - Profits, Interest, And Investme F.A. Hayek, Copublished Iea - A Tiger By The Tail, 3rd Editio F.A.Harper - The Writings Of F.A. Harper, Vo F.W. Taussig - The Tariff History Of The Unite Faustino Ballve - Essentials Of Economics Frances - The Wisdom Of The Stoics Francis Nielson - How Diplomats Make War Frank Chodorov - One Is A Crowd Frank Chodorov - Out Of Step Frank Chodorov - The Rise And Fall Of Society Frank D. Graham - Exchange, Prices And Production Frank Fetter - Capital, Interest, And Rent Frank Fetter - Economic Principles Frank H. Knight - Risk, Uncertainty, And Profit Frank. A. Fetter - Modern Economic Problems Volume Frederic Bastiat - The Bastiat Collection-Volume 1 Frederic Bastiat - The Bastiat Collection-Volume 2 Frederic Bastiat - The Law Friedrich Von Wieser - Social Economics Fritz Machlup - Can We Control The Boom_ Fritz Machlup - International Trade And The Nat Fritz Machlup - The Political Economy Of Monopo Fritz Machlup - The Stock Market, Credit, And C Frtiz Machlup - The Economics Of Sellers' Compe Garet Garrett - A Bubble That Broke The World Garet Garrett - A Time Is Born Garet Garrett - Harangue Garet Garrett - Ouroboros Garet Garrett - Satan's Bushel Garet Garrett - The American Omen Garet Garrett - The American Story Garet Garrett - The Blue Wound Garet Garrett - The Cinder Buggy Garet Garrett - The Driver Garet Garrett - The People's Pottage Garet Garrett - The Wild Wheel Gary North - Honest Money Gene Callahan - Economics For Real People George A. Selgin - Praxeology And Understanding George Charles Roche Iii - Education In America George Charles Roche Iii - Frederic Bastiat_ A Man Alone George Crocker - Roosevelt's Road To Russia George Harris - Inequality And Progress George Reisman - Jacket George Reisman - The Government Against The Econ Gottfried Haberler - Inflation, Its Causes And Cures Gottfried Haberler - Prosperity And Depression Gottfried Haberler - Theory Of International Trade Guenter Reimann - The Vampire Economy (1939) Gustav Cassel - The Theory Of Social Economy Gustave De Molinari (Mises Inst - The Production Of Security H. J. Davenport - The Eonomics Of Alfred Marshall H.C. Engelbrecht - Merchant Of Death H.J. Haskell - The New Deal In Old Rome Hans Hermann Hoppe - A Theory Of Socialism And Capta Hans Hermann Hoppe - Economic Science And The Austri Hans Hermann Hoppe - The Economics And Ethics Of Pri Hans Hermann Hoppe - The Myth Of National Defense Hans Hermann Hoppe - The Private Production Of Defen Hans Sennholz - Gold Is Money Hans Sennholz - How Can Europe Survive Harold Fleming - Ten Thousand Commandments Harry Elmer Barnes - Perputual War For Perpetual Pea Hartley Withers - A Case For Capitalism Hartley Withers - Our Money And The State Helmut Schoeck - Central Planning And Neomerican Helmut Schoeck - Psychiatry And Responsibility Helmut Schoeck - The New Argument In Economics Henry George - Progress And Poverty Henry George - Protection And Free Trade (1886 Henry George - Protection Or Free Trade Henry Grady Weaver - The Mainspring Of Human Progres Henry Hazlitt - Conquest Of Poverty, The Henry Hazlitt - From Bretton Woods To World Inf Henry Hazlitt - Illusions Of Point Four Henry Hazlitt - Man Vs. The Welfare State Henry Hazlitt - The Anatomy Of Criticism (1933) Henry Hazlitt - The Critics Of Keynesian Econom Henry Hazlitt - The Failure Of The New Economic Henry Hazlitt - The Foundations Of Morality Henry Hazlitt - The Freeman's Library Henry Hazlitt - The Inflation Crisis, And How T Henry Hazlitt - The Way To Will Power (1922) Henry Hazlitt - Thinking As A Science Henry Hazlitt - Time Will Run Back (1951_1966) Henry Hazlitt - What You Should Know About Infl Henry Hazlitt - Will Dollars Save The World Henry Thornton - An Enquiry Into The Nature And Herbert Davenport - The Economics Of Enterprise Herbert Spencer - Education Herbert Spencer - The Man Versus The State Herbert Spencer - The Principles Of Ethics, Volum Howard Quint - The Forging Of American Sociali Isabel Paterson - Never Ask The End Isabel Paterson - The God Of The Machine Israel Kirzner - Market Theory And The Price Sys Israel Kirzner - The Economic Point Of View Israel M. Kirzner - Method, Process, And Austrian E J. T. Flynn - Forgotten Lessons Jacob Viner - Studies In The Theory Of Intern Jacques Rueff - The Monetary Sin Of The West James J. Martin - Men Against The State James J. Martin - Revisionist Viewpoints Jarret B. Wollstein - Society Without Coercion Jean Baptiste Say - Letters To Mr. Malthus Jeff Riggenbach - Why American History Is Not Wha Jeffrey A. Tucker - Bourbon For Breakfast Jeremie Rostan - Study Guide To Menger's Princip Jerry Kirkpatrick - In Defense Of Advertising Jesus Huerta De Soto - Money, Bank Credit, And Economi Joe Salerno _ F.A. Hayek -- Mis - Prices And Production And Other John Chamberlain - The Roots Of Capitalism John Denson - A Century Of War John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Act - Essays On Freedom And Power John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Act - Lectures On Modern History John Humphrey Noyes - History Of American Socialisms John J. Toohey - Notes On Epistemology John Laures - The Political Economy Of Juan D John Scoville - Labor Monopolies Or Freedom John T. Flynn - Country Squire In The White Hou John T. Flynn - God's Gold John T. Flynn - Men Of Wealth (1944) John T. Flynn - The Decline Of The American Rep John T. Flynn - The Road Ahead John T. Flynn - The Roosevelt Myth John T. Flynn - While You Slepts John V. Denson - Reassessing The Presidency John V. Denson - The Cost Of War John V. Van Sickle - Introduction To Economics Jorg Guido Hulsmann - Deflation And Liberty Jorg Guido Hulsmann - Mises_ The Last Knight Of Liber Jorg Guido Hulsmann - Proeprty, Freedom, And Society_ Jorg Guido Hulsmann - The Ethics Of Money Production Josef Schumpeter - Ten Great Economists Joseph Dorfman - The Economic Mind In American C Joseph Schumpeter - Economic Doctrine And Method Joseph Schumpeter - Imperialism And Social Classes Joseph Schumpeter - Methodological Individualism Kathy - Book Final.Pdf Knut Wicksell - Interest And Prices Knut Wicksell - Lectures On Political Economy - Knut Wicksell - Value, Capital, And Rent L. Albert Hahn - Common Sense Economics L. Albert Hahn - The Economics Of Illusion L.M. Lachmann - Macro-Economic Thinking And The Larry J. Sechrest - Freebanking.Pdf Laurence M. Vance - The Elements Of Political Econo Leaonard E. Read - To Free Or Freeze Leodard E. Read - Castles In The Air Leon Say - Great French Writers Turgot Leonard E. Read - Accent On The Right Leonard E. Read - Anything That_S Peaceful Leonard E. Read - Awake For Freedom_S Sake Leonard E. Read - Comes The Dawn Leonard E. Read - Deeper Than You Think Leonard E. Read - Elements Of Libertarian Leaders Leonard E. Read - Having My Way Leonard E. Read - How Do We Know Leonard E. Read - Let Freedom Ring Leonard E. Read - Liberty_ Legacy Of Truth Leonard E. Read - Seeds Of Progress Leonard E. Read - Students Of Liberty Leonard E. Read - Talking To Myself Leonard E. Read - The Coming Aristocracy Leonard E. Read - The Free Market And Its Enemy Leonard E. Read - The Freedom Freeway Leonard E. Read - The Love Of Liberty Leonard E. Read - The Path Of Duty Leonard E. Read - The Truth Will Out Leonard E. Read - Vision Leonard E. Read - Who_S Listening Leonard E. Read - Why Not Try Freedom Lionel Robbins - The Great Depression Lionell Robbins - The Nature And Significance Of Llewellyn H. Rockwell (Ed.) - Murray N. Rothbard_ In Memoriam Llewellyn H. Rockwell - The Economics Of Liberty Llewellyn H. Rockwell - The Free Market Reader Llewellyn H. Rockwell - The Left, The Right, And The State Lord Robbins - An Essay On The Nature And Sign Louis Baudin - A Socialist Empire Louis Bromfield - A New Pattern For A Tired World Louis Carabini - Inclined To Liberty_ The Futile Louis M. Spadaro - New Directions In Economics Louis Sommer - Essays In European Economic Tho Ludwig Erhard - Prosperity Through Competition Ludwig Lachmann - Capital And Its Structure Ludwig Lachmann - Capital, Expectations, And The Ludwig Lachmann - The Legacy Of Max Weber Ludwig Von Mises - Bureaucracy Ludwig Von Mises - Causes Of The Economic Crisis Ludwig Von Mises - Die Gemeinwirtschaft Ludwig Von Mises - Economic Policy Ludwig Von Mises - Epistemological Problems Of Eco Ludwig Von Mises - Human Action A Treatise On Economics Ludwig Von Mises - Human Action_ The Scholars Edit Ludwig Von Mises - Liberalism Ludwig Von Mises - Liberalismus Ludwig Von Mises - Liberty And Property Ludwig Von Mises - Money, Method And The Market Pr Ludwig Von Mises - Nationaloekonomie Ludwig Von Mises - Omnipotent Government Ludwig Von Mises - Planned Chaos Ludwig Von Mises - Planning For Freedom Ludwig Von Mises - Profit And Loss Ludwig Von Mises - Socialism Ludwig Von Mises - The Austrian Theory Of The Trade Ludwig Von Mises - The Clash Of Group Interests Ludwig Von Mises - The Theory Of Money And Credit Ludwig Von Mises - The Ultimate Foundation Of Econ Ludwig Von Mises - Theorie Des Geldes Und Der Umla Ludwig Von Mises - Theory And History Lysander Spooner - Let's Abolish Government Manuel F. Ayau - Game.Pdf Margaret Patricia Mccarran - Fabianism In The Political Life Margit Von Mises - My Years With Ludwig Von Mises Mario J. Rizzo - Time, Uncertainty, And Disequil Marjorie Grice-Hutchinson - The School Of Salamanca Mark Skousen - Dissent On Keynes Mark Thornton - The Economics Of Prohibition Mary Bennett Peterson - The Regulated Consumer (1971) Max Eastman - Reflections On The Failure Of S Melchior Palyi - An Inflation Primer Melchior Palyi - Compulsory Medical Care And The Michael Heilperin - International Monetary Economic Michael Heilperin - Studies In Economic Nationalism Michael Heilperin - The Trade Of Nations Milton M. Shapiro - Foundations Of The Market-Price Mises Institute - 50 Great Pioneers Of American I Mises Institute - Do We Want Free Enterprise_ Mises Institute - Rothbard_ History Of Money And Mises Institute - The Gold Standar Mises Institute - The Quotable Mises Morgan O. Reynolds - Power And Privlege_ Labor Union Morris - The Market For Liberty Murrah N. Rothbard - An Austrian Perspective On The Murray N. Rothbard - Anatomy Of The State Murray N. Rothbard - Betrayal Of The American Right Murray N. Rothbard - Conceived In Liberty Volume 1 Murray N. Rothbard - Conceived In Liberty Volume 2 Murray N. Rothbard - Conceived In Liberty, Part 4, T Murray N. Rothbard - Conceived In Liberty_ Volume Ii Murray N. Rothbard - Economic Depressions_ Their Cau Murray N. Rothbard - Education_ Free And Compulsory Murray N. Rothbard - Egalitarianism As A Revolt Agai Murray N. Rothbard - Essential Von Mises Murray N. Rothbard - For A New Liberty_ The Libertar Murray N. Rothbard - Keynes, The Man Murray N. Rothbard - Making Economic Sense Murray N. Rothbard - Man, Economy, And State With Po Murray N. Rothbard - Power And Market Murray N. Rothbard - The Case Against The Fed Murray N. Rothbard - The Federal Reserve As A Cartel Murray N. Rothbard - The Irrerpessible Rothbard Murray N. Rothbard - The Mystery Of Banking Murray N. Rothbard - The Panic Of 1819 Murray N. Rothbard - The Politics Of Obedience Murray N. Rothbard - Volume I_ Economic Thought Befo Murray N. Rothbard - What Has Government Done To Our N. Stephan Kinsella - Against Intellectual Property Nassau W. Senior - An Outline Of The Science Of Po Nassau W. Senior - Selected Writings On Economics Nassau W. Senior - Three Lectures On The Rates Of Nicholas Oresme - De Monate And English Mint Docu O. M. W. Sprague - History Of Crises Under The Nat Oskar Morgenstern - The Limits Of Economics Owner - The Pure Theory Of Capital Paul Cantor - Literature And The Economics Of Pearcy Greaves - Pearl Harbor Vol. 1.Indb Percy L. Greaves - Understanding The Dollar Crisis Peter G. Klein - The Capitalist And The Entrepre Phillip H. Wicksteed - The Common Sense Of Political E Phillip. H. Wicksteed - The Common Sense Of Political E Randall G. Holcombe - Fifteen Great Austrian Economis Randolph Bourne - The State Raymen De Roover - San Bernadino And Sant Antonino Raymond Moley - After Seven Years Raymond Moley - How To Keep Our Liberty Richard Hildreth - A History Of Banks Richard Von Strigl - Capital And Production Robert A. Nisbet - Foreign Policy And The American Robert A. Nisbet - The New Despotism Robert Bradley - Interpretations Of The Wicksell Robert Lefevre - The Philosopy Of Ownership Robert Lefevre - This Bread Is Mine Robert M. Thornton - Cogications From Albert J. Nock Robert Murphy - Chaos Theory Robert Murphy - Man Economy And State Study Gui Robert P. Murphy - Study Guide To Human Action Robert Schuettinger _ Eamonn Bu - Forty Centuries Of Wage And Pri Robert Taft - A Foreign Policy For Americans Robert V. Jones - The Challenge Of Liberty Roberta A. Modugno - Murray N. Rothbard Vs. The Phil Rockwell - Speaking Of Liberty Roger Garrison - Austrian Macroeconomics Ron Paul - Freedom Under Siege Ron Paul - Gold, Peace, And Prosperity Ron Paul - Mises And Austrian Economics_ A Ron Paul - Pillars Of Prosperity_ Free Mar Ron Paul - The Case For Gold Ronald Hamowy - The Social And Political Philos Rose L. Martin - Fabian Freeway - High Road To S Rose Wilder Lane - The Discovery Of Freedom Roy Cordato - Efficiency And Externalities S. Stanton Evans - Revolt On The Campus Samuel Blumenfeld, Ed_ - Property In A Human Economy Secession, State, And Liberty - Donald W. Livingston Shoeck - Scientism And Values Sudha Raghunath Shenoy - Towards A Theoretical Framework Sylvester Petro (1957) - The Labor Policy Of The Free So Sylvester Petro - Power Unlimited Sylvestro Petro - The Kohler Strike T. E. Gregory - The Gold Standard And Its Futur T. J. B. Hoff - Economic Calculation In The Soc T.E.G. Gregory - Tariffs_ A Study Of Method The Mises Insitute - Memoirs 1940 By Ludwig Von Mise Thomas Paine - The Complete Writings Of Thomas Thomas Taylor - An Introduction To Austrian Eco Vervon Orval Watts - Away From Freedom Virgil Jordon (1946) - One Year After W. Stanley Jevons - Elemntary Lessons In Logic W. Stanley Jevons - Money And The Mechanism Of Exch W. Stanley Jevons - The Theory Of Political Economy W.G. Sumner (1874) - A History Of American Currency W.H. Hutt - A Rehabilititation Of Say's Law W.H. Hutt - Economics Of The Colour Bar, Th W.H. Hutt - The Strike Threat System W.H. Hutt - Theory Of Collective Bargaining W.M. Curtiss - The Tariff Idea Walter Block - Defending The Undefendable Walter Block - Man, Economy, And Liberty_ Essa Walter Block - The Privatization Of Raods And Wilhelm Ropke - 2 Essays By Wilhelm Ropke Wilhelm Ropke - A Humane Economy Wilhelm Ropke - Against The Tide Wilhelm Ropke - Crisis And Cycle Wilhelm Ropke - Economics Of The Free Society Wilhelm Ropke - International Economic Disinteg Wilhelm Ropke - International Order And Economi Wilhelm Ropke - The German Question Wilhelm Ropke - The Social Crisis Of Our Time William A. Scott - The Development Of Ecnomics William G. Sumner - What Social Classes Owe To Each William Gouge (1835) - A Short History Of Paper Money William Graham Sumner - The Forgotten Man And Other Ess William Henry Chamberlain - Collectivism_ A False Utopia (1 William Henry Chamberlin - America's Second Crusade William Peterson - Mises In America William Smart - An Introduction To The Theory Of value William Smart - The Return To Protection World Research - The Incredible Bread Machine Yuri N. Maltsev - Requiem For Marx
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Not sure why it wipes the trackers I had already on the torrent? I thought it just added the concen tracker to the torrent?


It's great that there is a direct download option.

Since the files in this torrent are adequately named, it's redundant (and a waste of server resources) to list them in the description. All torrent file contents can be searched.

Tags need to be separated by commas BTW. I fixed that for you.

Why did it wipe the trackers that were on the torrent?

The currently testing version of the module doesn't remove trackers; it just labels them as unreachable or down.

These are the trackers that were on the torrent. If you go to you can see they have a way of indexing the torrent without ever having to download or upload the torrent. This means that torrents can add these trackers without ever having to download or upload torrents.


One thing you could do if you have a script is add those trackers, Another new way of adding trackers is the info hash

I have not used that yet, but apparently it adds a whole load of trackers to every torrent. It might be an idea for redundancy to consider adding a whole list of trackers including the concen tracker to each torrent.

I agree that the direct download link is nice to have, much better than the torrent. But the link appears to be broken. ???

Greetings! If you are willing to work with me to get a complete copy of the original set of 434 books in PDF format to me, I am willing to put it up so that people can download the set using a single link. No MEGA, no big download service, no torrents, just my own, private site — that will work.

Please feel free to email me at the address you have on record.