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Atlases of Sacred or Unusual places

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The best collection of sacred or unusual places available on the Internet. Please share others you may have.

John Clifford Holt - Spirits of the Place - Buddhism and Lao Religious Culture.pdf
Antony Mason - Spiritual Places - The World's Most Sacred Sites.pdf
Brad Olsen - Sacred Places - Around the World - 108 Destinations series.pdf
Brad Olsen - Sacred Places - Europe - 108 Destinations series v2.pdf
Brad Olsen - Sacred Places - Europe - 108 Destinations series.pdf
Brad Olsen - Sacred Places - North America - 108 Destinations series.pdf
Chris Fitch - Atlas of Untamed Places - An Extraordinary Journey Through Our Wild World
Frank Joseph - Power Places and the Master Builders of Antiquity - Unexplained Mysteries of the Past.pdf
James Harpur - The Atlas of Sacred Places.pdf
Karen Tate - Sacred Places of Goddess - 108 Destinations series.pdf
Olivier le Carrier - Atlas of Cursed Places - A Travel Guide to Dangerous and Frightful Destinations
Sacred Places of The World - A Religious Journey Across the Globe, ed Robert Dalton.pdf
Sarah Ann Osmen - Sacred places - A Journey into the Holiest Lands.pdf
Travis Elborough - Atlas of Vanishing Places - The lost worlds as They Were and as They Are Today.pdf
Travis Elborough & Alan Horsfield - Atlas of Improbable Places - A Journey to the World’s Most Unusual Corners