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Atlantis - Ancient Discoveries Revealing Our True History [pack]

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Atlantis - Ancient Discoveries Revealing Our True History [pack] 1) Do These Impossible Ancient Discoveries Reveal Our True History These discoveries will show that long before ancient Mesopotamians, Babylonians and Egyptians there existed an even more advanced civilization. Tracing the remains of this lost civilisation, that passed on its legacy to ancient cultures all around the world, has been helped by recent archaeological discoveries. The mysterious ancient megaliths around the world have perplexed scientists for hundreds of years, has this mystery finally been solved ? The old stories about Atlantis and other a great lost civilizations of prehistory, long dismissed as myths by archaeologists, look set to be proved true with once puzzling clues scattered throughout the world, the evidence is compelling and it shows a technologically and culturally advanced civilization was on Earth long before the history books suggest. 2) Atlantean Hall of Records Location Hidden From the Public for Centuries These records record the history before the destruction of Atlantis and a record also of fleeing survivors who established a civilization in Egypt and Mexico as well as much more. This is thought to be around 11000 BC. According to Cayce there were three Halls, one is under the waters near the Bahamian island of Bimini, another is underground near the Sphinx in Giza, Egypt, and the one we are most interested in is beneath a temple in the Mayan lands. The three record caches contain stone tablets, linens, gold, and artifacts of import to the cultures that created them. He indicates that mummified bodies are buried with the records. In another reading he actually stated that there are exactly “thirty-two tablets or plates” in the Egyptian hall of records. These tablets will require interpretation, and this interpretation will take some time. Let’s hope it does not take as long as the interpretation of the Dead Sea Scrolls of the Qumran caves. 3) Advanced Pre Ice Age Civilization Discovered in the Kalahari Desert This is an unprecedented archaeological discovery that reframes the origins of the Sahara and Kalahari “deserts” in the North & South of Africa as the result of humongous tsunami activity in the North Atlantic resulting from a solar system catastrophe that destroyed a great ancient maritime civilization that Plato described as “Atlantis.” What makes this even more remarkable is this advanced pre-diluvial civilization is thought to be70,000 years old .Since the beginning of civilisation, humanity has grappled with it’s origins. We have sought to understand how we got here, by seeking out the truth about our past. Mainstream historians, academics and anthropologists would have us believe that civilised man is no more than 13 000 years old. However, the time scale given to us by the historical view of mainstream academia, is a false one, and indeed, civilisation began much further back than has been officially recognised. 4) Amazing Elongated Skull Discoveries That Still Baffle Historians This is a mind-blowing trip into the strange past of humans on planet earth. We look at these elongated skulls that we would otherwise never know exists as 'mainstream' science only very rarely or never discusses their existence, reason, or cultural importance. We may be looking at the remnant of an ancient civilization, and that they were maybe so further advanced, technologically and culturally, and they were so revered by the primitive societies that they encountered, that the 'ordinary' humans took to elongating their craniums to mimic the 'gods'. This research brings life back to these amazing discoveries and with everyday we get closer to the truth. We see examples both in art and in actual skeletal remains from as far back as 5000 BCE in Sumeria, to later in Egypt with Queen Nefertiti and King Tut, to South and Central America, the Mediterranean island of Malta, Iraq and the Middle East, Africa, China, and even North American Indians. videos 5,500 Year Old Sumerian Cuneiform Tablets Reveal Stunning Revelations.mp4 Advanced Ice Age Civilizations that Historians Tried - but Failed - to Explain.mp4 Advanced Pre Ice Age Civilization Discovered in the Kalahari Desert.mp4 Amazing Elongated Skull Discoveries That Still Baffle Historians.mp4 Ancient Archaeological Discoveries That Might Never Be Fully Solved.mp4 Ancient Artifacts That Defy the Technological Capabilities of their Time.mp4 Ancient Stone Ball Discoveries That Are Still Baffling Mainstream Archeologists.mp4 Ancient Technology So Advanced it Confused Scientists Throughout the World.mp4 Ancient Technology That Proves An Advanced Civilization Was On Earth.mp4 Archaeological Discoveries That Are Way Too Controversial for Todays Scientists.mp4 Archaeologist Wont Go Near This Because The Truth is Beyond Imagination.mp4 Archaeology Discoveries That Demonstrate a Forgotten Civilization Existed.mp4 Astonishing Discoveries in Ancient Turkey Shows Evidence of the Watchers.mp4 Atlantean Hall of Records Location Hidden From the Public for Centuries.mp4 Do These Impossible Ancient Discoveries Reveal Our True History.mp4 Forbidden Artifacts & Ancient Ruins That Give Mainstream Archeologists a Headache.mp4 Impossible Ancient Stone Cutting Discovered at Quarries Around the World.mp4 Proof Advanced Ancient Civilizations Existed, Find Out Why they Disappeared.mp4 Stunning Archaeology Oddities That Hint at a Forgotten Episode in History.mp4 ebooks Ancient Atlantic Crossings - Atlantis.pdf Atlantis - The Antediluvian World.pdf Atlantis Restored or Links and Cycles - J B Leslie, 1911.pdf Donnelly - Atlantis.pdf Edgar Cayce - The Lost Teachings of Atlantis.pdf Ignatius Donnelly - Atlantis.pdf Lemuria - The Lost Continent of the Pacific, 1931, First edition.pdf Selestor's Men of Atlantis.pdf The Secret of Atlantis by Otto Muck.pdf The Symbolic Prophecy of the Great Pyramid, 1936, First edition.pdf W P Phelon - Our Story of Atlantis.pdf tags: Sumerians, Kalahari, archeology, ancient, ruins, skulls, Atlantis, history
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