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Assorted Psychology audiobooks pt 1

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Assorted Psychology audiobooks part 1.
check contents tab for details


Members here have impressive audiobook collections, wow. And I’m still learning about the site: ty for pro-tip about checking the contents tab for details. me not know that

cheers, mate

funny that the contents tab doesn’t display by default when you select have to click an additional time for it to display.

I’ve also been running comparison tests on the search functionality of the site. Depending on how information literate you are, its easy to get gery different search results.

in practice it would be preferable to *filter* search results rather than requiring users to run the same search in four different places. but i gather from concen that this is the only site that allows you to search torrent contents?

accidentally posted twice. how can i delete a post?

euxconcen wrote:

accidentally posted twice. how can i delete a post?

which one you want deleted?
I am organising some books on black ops, covert ops, military intelligence and military operations once i have sorted them

I posted the same thing twice then when I clicked "edit" I could only modify the content but not delete the post -- so I changed the post to my question "how can I delete".

as admin, I guess you can delete it but can you just confirm that members cannot delete their own posts?