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Arthur C Clarke's "World of Strange Powers"

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Arthur C. Clarke's World of Strange Powers (1985)

Country of Origin: UK
Dates of Original Broadcast: 3 April 1985 - 10 July 1985
Number of Seasons: 1

This completes the Arthur C Clarke trilogy.
Click on my torrent list for the others.

The world's best selling science fiction writer, Arthur C. Clarke, challenges credulity and imagination as he examines our most mysterious supernatural phenomena. Tales of ghost, poltergeist, dowsers, mediums, reincarnation, telepathy, bleeding stigmata, metal bending and death by suggestion and more abound in this provocative series. Clarke's analysis sheds new light on many fascinating paranormal events with chilling eye witness accounts and expert investigations. All 13 episodes of this critically acclaimed series are included.


Warnings From the Future? (3 April 1985)

Things That Go Bump in the Night (10 April 1985)

From Mind To Mind (17 April 1985)

Stigmata - The Wounds of Christ? (24 April 1985)

Ghosts, Apparitions and Haunted Houses (1 May 1985)

Have we lived before(unknown)

Fairies, Phantoms and Fantastic Photographs (22 May 1985)

Element of the Divine (5 June 1985)

Walking on Fire (12 June 1985)

Messages From the Dead? (19 June 1985)

Roots of Evil (26 June 1985)

Metal-Bending, Magic and Mind Over Matter (3 July 1985)

Strange Powers - The Verdict (10 July 1985)


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