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Arthur C Clarkes "Mysterious Universe" DvD Boxset

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Clarke and his team of highly respected scientific experts travel the globe seeking the truth behind mythical creatures, ancient legends and hair-raising rituals. Is it possible for the soul to leave the body for a glimpse of Heaven - or Hell? Are crop circles hard evidence of extra-terrestrials, hoaxes...or both? Is the "face" seen on new NASA photos of Mars a natural weather phenomenon or an indication that we are not alone?

The episode list reads as such -

Season 1








Once again - Those of you who have snatched from me b4 will be aware that my upload speed is not great, but I always seed to completion.

I am seeding from my tablet pc at the moment while I fool about inside my desktop pc. I will have to rest my tablet from time to time as it is not designed for 24/7 use patient,chill and we'll get there eventually

If you have snatched this file from me elsewhere, please, jump aboard and help seed...Thank you.

PS. I am still on my relentless quest for any information concerning the giants of old. ANY reference material, the more obscure the better, would be greatly appreciated. In particular, any obscure non biblical references to Gog and Magog...