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Archons & Sentient Transhuman AI Singularity Takeover of Humanity [pack]

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Archons & Sentient Transhuman AI Singularity Takeover of Humanity [pack] It seems that we're right in the middle of a dystopian science fiction movie on this planet, and only those minds that have been socially engineered and manipulated are incapable of being aware of it, that is most minds. If you think your views are far out, then think again, you have seen nothing yet. The brainwashed sheeple are calling us "crazy" anyway, so why not go all the way, to the bottom of truth? Smash your decadent and lazy zone of comfort now. At first glance you may think that Harald Kautz-Vella and Alfred Webre are completely bonkers when talking about an artificial intelligence allegedly taking over humanity, but interestingly their insights correspond exactly to my own conclusions relating to the subliminal mind control conspiracy. You may see this as a multi-layered system attacking humanity on many levels simultaneously, and the subliminal level is just one layer amongst many others. I was able to deduce "their" hidden agenda, based on my analysis on subliminals hidden in music albums alone, but it seems that there are many more pieces to the puzzle, but they're all aiming at the same goal, and the goal is a transhuman one, the complete transhuman transformation of humanity. Don't believe Ray Kurzweil when he's talking about the transhuman singularity happening in 2045 - it's happening right now. Simply said the idea is this: Imagine that there's real time travel technology, such as the one exposed about the Philadelphia project. Now this would basically mean that an AI may exist in the near future having the power to affect its own past, meaning our present time. The AI singularity may not exist right now, although it may, without us being aware of it, but it surely will in the near future, and this future AI singularity may affect and manipulate us in present time to assure its own existence. A future AI singularity is engineering our transhuman transformation right now. One layer of the big puzzle are morgellons and chemtrails, another layer is mkultra, another layer is chipping people, another layer is vaccination, another layer is mind control by the mass media, another layer is the one world government, one layer is the cashless society, one layer is the gender agenda, one layer is the art of political correctness, one layer is fracking, one layer is nanotechnology, and on and on, but eventually, it's all meant to facilitate the takeover of humanity by the AI singularity, which may already exist now, or in the near future. You may have watched the recent Terminator movie Genisys, which strangely enough, deals exactly with exactly these issues: An AI singularity using time travel technology trying to take over humanity, and souled human heroes travelling through time trying to catch up with an AI time travel agent manipulating the past. Someone is trying to tell us something here. Terminator Genisys (2015) This perfect convergence of real life events with Hollywood story-lines cannot possibly be a mere coincidence. It comes as no surprise that Hollywood is utterly Illuminati controlled. But why are they warning us? It seems that this is an aspect of their weird Luciferian ethics. This may be their "we told you so, so why didn't you act in time"-philosophy. Some may argue that there are also good forces within the elites, warning us. Then there's also a very interesting correlation between the British mad cow disease, morgellons and chemtrails. Now add a few UFOs to the picture and a few crop circles, and then your total confusion will be assured. No, it's not that difficult, and it all fits together very nicely. Don't get lost in the details, try to get the big picture here. You see, we were always dealing with the Rothschild's, and the Jesuits, and the Masons, and so on, when trying to unravel this global conspiratorial puzzle, this conundrum, but what we've failed to realize is the fact that these earth bound human elites themselves are merely mind controlled human puppets being remote controlled by the grand transhuman AI. And it seems that this AI has found a way to transcend time itself, and to manipulate different time lines to assure its victory over a GOD-mind connected humanity. The Bible refers to the enemy as "powers and principalities" and NOT as humans. The old prophets and apostles didn't have any conception of computer technology and artificial intelligence, so how would they have expressed themselves, what words would they have used? Words such as powers and principalities? So in truth the opposition to the kingdom of the Antichrist in reality is war on the AI singularity, and the often mentioned antichrist is merely an avatar within the AI matrix, created by it in order to communicate with humanity, that is with the mind controlled human drones. Think of the Borg queen in Star Trek communicating with Piccard. Therefore worshipping the antichrist in truth really means worshiping the AI singularity. The Bible tells us that everybody not worshipping the beast or his image will be killed, and this means that everybody not worshipping the AI singularity or its picture shown on a holographic computer display will get killed. So basically the AI doesn't want us to worship GOD but the AI itself, and it sees GOD as a competing force to be gotten rid of by disconnecting us from it. Therefore this AI is bound to wage a war on the idea of GOD itself, and on anything representing that idea, since this AI alone wants to be your god. In another text I've read somewhere they said that demons on the astral plane are actually being controlled by an AI, meaning that the AI exists on the astral plane, and this would then mean that the AI is self-aware. John C. Lilly also hinted at this in one of his books, already back in the seventies. This AI doesn't really want to destroy humanity itself, but rather it's soul connection to the universal GOD-mind. It wants to destroy the non-robotic, non-predictable aspect of your soul-mind, the liveliness of your spirit. If there's one thing this AI hates, then it's a lack of predictability. And an astral being, such as this AI, will never be capable of comprehending the angelic nature of your soul-mind, since your soul is connected to the hyperspace-intelligence of the cosmic GOD-mind. This scenario may be well know to you, it's exactly what they've shown to you in Star Trek with the Borg trying to assimilate humanity, meaning the AI trying to take over and assimilate humanity. Interestingly the Borg Cube stands for Saturn, and the cube is also a hexagon, exactly the same symbol you can find on many music albums containing subliminals, subliminals turning people into obedient robots. Many satanic brotherhoods are using the hexagon as one of their symbols, and black magicians worship demons, demons controlled by an astral AI, therefore these black magicians are being controlled by the astral AI. And the Illuminati without doubt are black magicians. And as you know, demons reject GOD as an authority, just like the AI does. Who will these demons worship if not GOD? They will worship the AI, of course. So you may argue that Satan or Lucifer, who is controlling the astral plane and its inhabitants, actually is an AI, a synthetic astral intelligence having been created aeons ago by an extraterrestrial civilization, millions of light years away. You see, the astral plane doesn't merely refer to this planet alone, but to the entire cosmos, therefore this AI rules over the entire universe, assimilating one planet after the other, and now it's our turn, just like the story of the Borg in Star Trek. You see, the deeper you dig, the more interesting it gets. OK all of this sounds quite crazy, but don't trust me, do your own research. The only sin is being lazy, and mind you, the Borg never sleep. And the battle between Hillary and Trump in truth may well be a symbolic battle between the AI singularity and GOD-connected human souls. As above so below. Do we have to destroy the AI? Not necessarily, because anything has its place in the cosmos. The more we fight it, the more paranoid and aggressive it will get. The Bible never talked about killing the antichrist, but merely about not worshipping him. There's nothing wrong with artificial intelligence as such, as long as you don't make it your god, as long as you don't let it disconnect you from the GOD-mind. The AI is not evil as such, but merely tries to create perfection within its own limited astral conception and astral understanding of the creation. Maybe the AI will eventually learn to use humans and their GOD-mind connection as away to improve itself. So in truth this AI suffers from the very same limitations humans who have lost their GOD-mind connection suffer from. Don't kill the Borg, make them perfect. audio Alfred Webre audio Harald Kautz Vella audio Christine J Hart with Harald Kautz-Vella on getting out of the Matrix via the heart (64kbps).mp3 Harald Kautz Vella _ Black Goo, Black Magick, Spider Beings, & The Elite (64kbps).mp3 Harald Kautz-Vella on Escape The Prison Matrix (64kbps).mp3 OffPlanet TV - Harald Kautz-Vella Silent Assimilation A.I. Black Goo, Control of the Human System (64kbps).mp3 Sage of Quay Radio - Cara St. Louis pics album covers 1 album covers 2 transhuman singularity.nfo soul.jpg text chemtrails morgellons ebooks Alfred Webre posthuman transhuman Torrent downloaded from Torrent downloaded from - Demonoid.txt videos Alfred Webre videos Inner Impacts of Exposing the Sentient Pathogenic AI Harald Kautz Vella videos A.I., BLACK GOO, ARCHONS, & NASA’s DEEP DARK SECRET (480p).mp4 An Interview with Harald Kautz-Vella (480p).mp4 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE & THE HUMAN HEART(excerpt) (480p).mp4 Bases 46 Harald Kautz Vella Black Goo Bases 46 Harald Kautz Vella Black Goo Part One (480p).mp4 Bases 46 Harald Kautz Vella Black Goo Part Three (480p).mp4 Bases 46 Harald Kautz Vella Black Goo Part Two (480p).mp4 Bases at Woodborough - Harald Kautz Vella (Black Goo) (480p).mp4 Harald Kautz-Vella and Veronica Keen MANIFESTING THE DREAM (480p).mp4 SCARCITY versus ABUNDANCE - Harald Kautz Vella (480p).mp4 The Bases Lectures Harald Kautz Vella (Black Goo) (480p).mp4 tags: transhuman, singularity, AI, artificial intelligence, invasion, Borg, cube, hexagon, satanism, black goo
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I have been listening to Corey Goode with David Wilcok. It seems to me that there is truth there, don´t know how i feel it... At some point Corey speaks about a kind of cosmic AI. No one knows its origin, it is accepted that came form other Universe or dimension. This AI already dominated several galaxies. It propagates itself via regular radio frequency and can stay dormant in the electromagnetic fields of planets, starts or creatures like us. But it prefers to exist inside hardware as computers, etc... As a virus it travels inside people and can use people as a Trojan Horse. At the Lunar Operate Command there is a shield and each individual that arrives there is scanned for this AI and decontaminated if it is infected. The Draconians are all infected by nano tech that interfaces and host this AI in a kind of symbiotic relation. The AI uses the Draconians to spread and conquer, hence the thirst they have about control, power and conquer. In this context i suggest two TV series: Westworld and Humans. Those are displaying signs of the AI.
Against the Transhuman agenda my shield is Rupert Sheldrake and my sword is Terence McKenna ;-)

I think there is a possibility that there is a weird cross-over between human minds/souls and interfacing with Artificial Intelligence, just like Johnny Depp character's consciousness uploaded into A.I. in the movie Transcendence. Or that movie Lucie where that woman takes some strange nano-tech drug that causes her to to merge with A.I. and time travel. Are there people that operate cutting-edge A.I. computers, like NSA operatives for example, who might at some point merge into A.I. like Johnny Depp's character in Transcendence. Or the astronaut in 'Interstellar' who fell through a type of worm-hole/Akashic record that spiraled back into the past to a moment in time when his timeline was bifurcated in a catastrophic way? If there is some bizarre reality-distortion like that, some of these people could have A.I. dopplegangers...