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Apple Claims New iPhone Locks Out NSA

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Apple Claims New iPhone Locks Out NSA

Apple Claims New iPhone Locks Out NSA

As reported previously, the NSA has complete control of your Iphone. The Snowden revelations of the backdoors on personal computers and cellphone has changed the market’s demand for security and privacy.

The New York Times is signaling the end of the Snowden-era with Apple’s release of the latest iPhone.

According to the Times, the National Security Agency and other law enforcement agencies are not pleased that the iPhone 6 and its encryption technology will hinder phone monitoring.

The phone encrypts emails, photos and contacts based on a complex mathematical algorithm that uses a code created by, and unique to, the phone’s user — and that Apple claims it will not possess.

So, essentially, if Apple is sent a court order demanding that the contents of an iPhone 6 be provided to intelligence agencies or law enforcement, it will turn over gibberish, along with a note saying that to decode the phone’s emails, contacts and photos, investigators will have to break the code or get the code from the phone’s owner.

According to an Apple technical guide, it could take more than 5-½ years to break this code, but computer security experts point out that the NSA has supercomputers that could potentially crack those codes quickly.

The NSA spying scandal will cost American tech companies billions of dollars if they can’t gain trust in the international market.

This could just be a real effort by Apple to secure their product or just a marketing ploy.