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The Anti-NWO Art of David Dees

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The Anti-NWO Art of David Dees

David Dees:

"This art is free to use for "non-profit" individual purposes, blogs, and websites. I encourage you to openly distribute to others with the hope it will educate, enlighten, deprogram, and at least, entertain. For "profit" magazine, book, or websites use please inquire at

In my art, you will occasionally see a 'Z' symbol over a star of David. This simply represents the political movement called Zionism which has co-opted Judaism and uses it as a shield to hide behind. Both myself and are PRO-Jewish, but extremely ANTI-Zionist. Those who attempt to smear my art as 'anti-semitic' are fools and frauds. The unspeakable, hideous genocidal acts of Zionism and the geopolitical social and economic deception and deceit it uses to con and dupe the masses shall be exposed. I also support organizations like Jews Against Zionism as you can see in my archives. If you have any sincere questions about Zionism and related issues, by all means read the material at any Jews Against Zionism internet site and the archives at Truth Does Not Fear Investigation."


This is great stuff. David shows us how powerful true art can be, and he proves that one picture can say more than one thousand words. Meditate on these and let them sink in, because his creations contain lots of deep symbology leading you to a deep understanding. Especially if you're rather a visual type you will appreciate this.