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Anthony Sanchez UFO Highway Dulce HAARP Blue Beam (2010)

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Anthony Sanchez UFO Highway Dulce HAARP Blue Beam (2010) The Dulce Interview * Human Origins * HAARP/Project Blue Beam Based on Interview and Research performed by Author, Researcher: Anthony F. Sanchez UFO HIGHWAY is a fresh new look at the military's connection to UFOs ... There is no doubt in my mind that the Four Corners area of New Mexico contains some of the most important U.S. government secrets hidden from the public. -- Norio Hayakawa, Rio Rancho, New Mexico Once in a while there comes a book that changes our preconceived notions of a particular subject matter. The book UFO Highway by Anthony Sanchez could just be such a book. Anthony Sanchez has spent over 20 years accumulating a wealth of pertinent information on the subject of the rumors behind UFOs in conjunction with some of the most significant military installations in the U.S., especially in the American Southwest. His new book is a fresh new look at the military's "connection" to the rumors about UFOs. This is not a book about whether UFOs exist or not. It is neither a book about "reptoids" eating humans in a secret underground facility, nor is it about the claims made by the supposed Thomas Castello who may not even have existed at all. It simply surpasses those unsubstantiated claims. This book is filled with information previously not published in any other books of this nature. His fascinating, recent interview with a retired USAF colonel is probably one of the highlights of this book. This interesting interview took place January 6th 2010 just months before the completion of this book. Just like the author Anthony Sanchez, I myself also have done an extensive research on similar topics for over twenty years, spending many years investigating locations such as Area 51 in Nevada and its connections with other important sites such as southern California's Edwards AFB and remote aerospace facilities in the Antelope Valley, most of which had the outward facade of radar cross section testing sites. I visited the surroundings near China Lake Naval Weapons Testing Center in the California desert. And yes, there is no doubt in my mind, just as Anthony Sanchez suggests that there are "connections" among these facilities, including the Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah. Also, I developed a tremendous interest in Colorado's Cheyenne Mountain and its NORAD underground complex. Not only because my wife had a unique opportunity to go through a special, military- guided "tour" inside the complex in late 1978 through her brother's military connections, but interestingly because just a year later is when some strange things started happening in neighboring northern New Mexico. ebook: Anthony F Sanchez - UFO Highway (2010) 238p.pdf audio-book: Anthony Sanchez UFO Highway.mp3 specs: 09 hrs 36 min 38 sec, 64 kbps, 44.1 kHz, text to speech computer voice tags: UFO, human origins, HAARP, Dulce, aliens, Blue Beam, New Mexico, Area 51, military, Anthony Sanchez
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