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Another Way: The People vs The Government (2020)

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Another Way Documentary - The People vs The Government (2020)

Another Way gives you an insiders look into Australia’s growing number of citizens who strive to shrink the government. It features Shark Tank Australia’s Steve Baxter, Former Senator David Leyonhjelm and controversial Aboriginal artist Bindi Cole Chocka, who’s infamous blackface portrait dragged her into a legal battle for free speech against shock jock Andrew Bolt.

Watch these diverse characters battle against lockout laws, the illegality of nicotine vaping, the war on drugs, the never-ending war on terror, government intervention into the money supply and the government’s tight grip around the throat of small business owners.

00:00​ - Intro
02:00​ - Government Control
02:47​ - Sydney Lockout Laws
05:20​ - Directing Life Purpose
07:11​ - Economics Explained
09:30​ - Illegal Vaping
16:08​ - Left Wing vs Right Wing
18:49​ - Another Way Forward
27:38​ - War on Drugs
33:10​ - The Essence of Life (Scarcity)
34:27​ - Socialism
37:28​ - Socialism Vs Capitalism
45:11​ - Deregulation
48:43​ - Welfare
53:15​ - Freedom of Speech
56:44​ - Racial Discrimination Act
01:04:40​ - What's the Risk?
01:08:52​ - Democracy or Liberty?
01:12:49​ - War
01:17:08​ - Cost of War
01:21:30​ - Central Banks and War
01:23:50​ - End the Fed
01:26:37​ - Where are we heading?

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I’m also interested to see Simon Dolan’s documentary on how Sweden handled Covid, but not interested enough to sign up for Ickonic :)

I found the one about Sweden on Odysee ( ).

Strangely the video wouldn't play on the site but I was able to download it, convert to H265, and post it here.

Other than a couple of seconds at the beginning, were you can see whoever ripped the original playing with the volume in the Ickonic player, it's decent. Worth a watch!

pity as it's quite easy to get the original media file out of ickonic. not that I would ever.

Yeah, Odysee/LBRY requires a certain format, in order to play it. They don't tend to transcode so there is a lot of content that doesn't play!