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Annunaki (2017)

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450,000 years ago our ancestors descended from the heavens to engineer the first human beings. To us they were Giants that ruled as Gods over mankind. Now new evidence and scientific research acknowledges their existence on earth but reveals when they will return. The truth of their real origin and purpose is much more bizarre and amazing than anything previously believed. From the Garden of Eden to the Great Flood; from the God of the Bible to the secrets of Enoch all shall be revealed.

Director,writer and narrator - Philip Gardiner


This is something well covered and debunked by chris White and Ancient Semitic Languages scholar Michael Heisser.
The whole Annunaki thing is based on the work of pretty much two guys, Sitchin and Von Daniken. Both of whom are shown to be extremely disingenuous at best and total lying bastards at worst.
Take a peek at that doc, it's very well presented and provides links and attributes everything so you can check up on it yourself. All into bite size chunks and notes to explain things factually

The thing is that if we accept all this confirmations than our lifes(UFo junkies lifes) will become uninteresting and very grounded ((

Everybody should check out the french scolar Anton Parks who has studied Sumerian civilization for decedes among other ancient civilizations and found out game changing translation mistakes made before. His book EDEN is in english and it just blows your mind!

but why be believe in works based on the "translations" of an absolutely proven liars? (Sitchin/Von Daniken)??
i genuinely don't get the following that these liars attract. truth isn't high on their priority list

The ants are my friends...they're blowing in the wind..
Thanks for the upload..