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Annie Besant - Her Writings and Debates to Expose Christianity and the Church

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Annie Wood Besant (1847-1933). A prominent champion for free thinking and woman's rights. Born a Christian and even married Frank Besant, an evangelical Anglican clergyman. Years later, she began to question not only her long-held religious beliefs but also the whole of conventional thinking. She began to write attacks on the churches and the way they controlled people's lives. In particular she attacked the status of the Church of England as a state-sponsored faith.
Eventually, Mrs. Besant officially declared her breakup with Christianity and her conversion to atheism.

This upload contains some of here writings.

1- Besant - The Christian Creed; or What It Is Blasphemy to Deny, 1883.

2- Besant - Is the Bible Indictable; Being an Enquiry Whether Bible Comes within the Ruling of the Lord Chief Justice as to Obscene Literature, 1877.

3- Besant – The Freethinkers Textbook, Part II. Christianity: Its Evidence,: Its Origin, Its Morality & Its History.

4- Besant - Esoteric Christianity or Lesser Mysteries, 1905.

5- Besant - My Path to Atheism, 3rd Edition, 1885.

6- The Jesus of The Gospels & The Influence of Christianity. A verbatim report of a two nights debate between Mrs. Besant and Rev. A. Hatchard, 1880. In this debate, Mrs. Besant virtually obliterated her opponent. (You be the judge).
The book includes other works by Mrs. Besant:
- Giordano Bruno
- The Gospel of Christianity and the Gospel of Free thought
- The Gospel of Atheism
- Christian Progress
- The True Basis of Morality
- Is the Bible Indictable?
- The Fruits of Christianity