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Andrew Gold debate with trans woman

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Andrew Gold debate with trans woman

looks to be interesting. looking forward to a trans woman being asked about autogynephilia

The first rule of "trans women" is... don't talk TO trans women.

They aren't right in the head. Sissy hypno porn has addled their brains.

A man who has had his penis filleted and inverted is never going to admit it was the wrong thing to do, or that he only did it to be more like the women he saw in porn.

As an outside observer we can tell this is the case though because "trans women" do not generally dress like women, they dress like the women they see in porn. A great example is Eddie Izzard - while campaigning politically he didn't dress like female politicians do.

Their whole philosophy is contradictory. They claim gender stereotypes can be discarded, and that sex and gender are separate. But then they try to alter the sex of their body to match their imaginary internal gender, in order to comply to stereotypes.

If you call them on this they short-circuit and cannot respond rationally.

Likewise, a transhausen-by-proxy mother who pushed her kid into puberty blockers and on a course to surgery at 16, is never going to admit that she harmed her kid. She'll defend transgenderism and the "born in the wrong body" myth until she is blue in the face.

Transgenderists lie.

This 19 year-old kid needs telling that this result is typical, it's just that trans-identified males are so delusional they not only refuse to share this information, they keep telling others to go through with it too. Misery loves company I guess. It's sad to watch though.

Nice video here.

Several Trans-Identified Men masturbating in the ladies' toilets.

So basically, on a

So basically, on a psychological level, the general consensus is that trans people are basically perverts? I always thought that trans women would essentially be gay men who want to be women to sleep with men - but I guess you are suggesting that they are straight men who have a kink for dressing as women etc. I know sexual psychology can get quite convoluted based on early childhood experiences and stuff like that. So I imagine there are a lot of different variations of such things out there...

Oh yes.

The old-school transsexuals of the 90s were largely gay men who felt they would do better in the female social role.

The new wave “trans lesbians” are obviously straight. These are straight men wanting access to women’s spaces and should be told no.

Both types incorrectly equate being female with submission and other stereotypes, which obviously apply to an extent but do not determine sex/gender.

yup, the trans lesbians is

yup, the trans lesbians is basically just transvestites ( autogynephiliacs ) who are basically straight men to get wood from dressing in womens clothes.
there are a LOT of people on this show who are against this trend of covering all sorts of people who are not actually transexuals as "trans".
Gender dysphoria is a genuine condition but is really rare and to muddle the definitions.. well it's very woke to fuck language up and make it a nonsense.
Gay men have traditionally been "drag queens" and straight men transvestites and then a distance away was transexuals. but the water is muddied with a load of literal bollocks!

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