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Ancient Sumerian Artifacts & Giant Human Skeletons [pack]

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Ancient Sumerian Artifacts & Giant Human Skeletons [pack] 6000 Year Old Ancient Drilling Technology Discovered All Over The World There appear to be signs of ancient machinery and engineering that equal and sometimes even surpass the capabilities we have today. All around the world we find signs of high-tech precision hole drilling into hard rocks such as basalt, limestone and granite.These cannot be explained with the tools that were supposedly used by the ancients. Is it possible to drill such a tiny hole on hard granite rock? Not very easy, but if we have a diamond tipped drill bit such a hole can be drilled. How about making such minuscule holes on Granite, 6000 years ago? According to Historians, that would be impossible to do with primitive tools used by ancient people! Yet, such small holes were drilled by ancient civilizations, which still exist today as a testimony of advanced ancient technology. Evidence of 6000 Year Old Flying Machines of the Ancient World Flying Vimanas, is this inspiration for current NASA technology? Many years ago, some Sanskrit documents from the 4th Century BC, which had been recovered from Lhasa, Tibet, were sent to the University of Chandrigarh where they were translated into English by no less than a certain Dr Ruth Reyna. Dr Reyna went on to claim that the documents contain instructions on how to build an aircraft with interstellar capabilities. According to Reyna, these aircraft used anti-gravitational propulsion. The document suddenly gained a lot of attention when it was announced that China would be including parts of the information for study as part of their space program. Highly Advanced Ancient Machining That Scholars Still Cant Explain How were these huge ancient megaliths created with amazing perfection in ancient times? Did ancient builders use machines and advanced tools, just like what we use today? Is it possible that advanced machining technology was used thousands of years ago? Everybody who has traveled to Egypt, Mesopotamia, South America and many more places has seen it: the astonishing craftsmanship of these ancient stoneworkers. The precision fit of large stone-blocks is eminent in both the Old and New World. It is hardly imaginable, that all of this should have been done by pure manual work alone. The skilfulness of the stone cutting, accurate to just a few microns, is so remarkable that some experts have concluded that they were not built for ancient civilizations but in fact left on earth by an alien race and simply appropriated by the kings. Ancient metal clamps discovered on megaliths, temples and other prehistoric monuments worldwide are also one of the greatest unsolved ancient mysteries of all time. videos 6000 Year Old Ancient Drilling Technology Discovered All Over The World.mp4 Evidence of 6000 Year Old Flying Machines of the Ancient World.mp4 Highly Advanced Ancient Machining That Scholars Still Cant Explain.mp4 Impossible Ancient Artifacts that Show We Lost Ancient Technology.mp4 Impossibly Huge Megaliths That Show Signs of an Ancient Technology We Cant Explain.mp4 Leaked Footage Shows the Strangest Archeology Discovery in History.mp4 Lost Ancient Civilizations Who's Technology Remains a Mystery.mp4 Stunning Ancient Artifacts Show Impossible Engineering Way Ahead of their Time.mp4 The Ancient Sumerians Made An Amazing Discovery About Out Solar System.mp4 The Lost Civilization Discovered in Afrika Could Rewrite History.mp4 These Giant Human Skeletons Have Been Found All Over The World.mp4 Undeniable Advanced Ancient Technology That Will Blow Your Mind.mp4 ebooks 1 Ancient Astronauts.pdf Ancient Engineers by L Sprague de Camp.pdf Ancient Food Technology.pdf Bendt Alster - Wisdom of Ancient Sumer.pdf Discovering Secrets of Ancient America.pdf Gods Demons and Symbols of Ancient Mesopotamia.pdf Samuel Noah Kramer - History Begins at Sumer.pdf The Discovery of Atlantis.pdf Thorkild Jacobsen - The Treasures of Darkness - A History of Mesopotamian Religion.pdf ebooks 2 Colin Wilson - From Atlantis to the Sphinx.pdf Feuerstein Georg - In Search of the Cradle of Civilization.pdf Giza Death Star Destroyed - The Ancient War for Future Science - Farrell, Joseph P.pdf Groundbreaking Scientific Experiments, Inventions and Discoveries through the Ages.pdf Shift of the Ages - Science of Oneness - The Divine Comos by David Wilcock.pdf tags: ancient, technology, artifacts, megaliths, archeology, civilizations, sumerians, skeletons
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