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The Ancient Secrets of AL Khenmit

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Stephen Mehler is the only Westerner to be given intimate knowledge of the oldest Egyptian secrets passed down for centuries in the small village of Nazlet el Samman, where the Great Pyramid and Sphinx reside. In this amazing two part video, recorded in Egypt, Mehler shares for the first time the ancient knowledge passed down to him, a Westerner, by the village wise man, Abd'El Hakim Awyan.

Was there an advanced prehistoric civilization in ancient Egypt? Were they responsible for the pyramids and Sphinx? What are the true meanings of these monuments and how were they built? Come with us to explore Al Khemit, the oldest civilization of Egypt, and its timeless wisdom.

Stephen Mehler is an Egyptologist, field archaeologist, and former Director of Research at the Kinnaman Foundation, Monuments of Giza Project.