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Ancient Prehistoric Wisdom (1941)

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Genre: Philosophy, Greek & Roman, History
Publisher: Virgo
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1162580585
ISBN-13: 978-1162580586
Format: PDF

A book describing what the Bible actually contains, but this book did not explain the causes of the historic events related in the Bible.

It also contained some unavoidable errors which have been corrected in this book.

The object in writing "Ancient Prehistoric Wisdom" is to explain of what the law of the heaven consists, as well as to give the reason for the causes and effects of the events recorded in the Bible as the law of creation.

The writings known as sacred books contain descriptions of the astronomical law of the heaven and the natural laws of this earth.

These writings have in past ages been considered sacred, and are called holy by the races who have preserved them.

The contents of these books originated in prehistoric time, centuries before grammatical written language was invented.

In transcribing and translating these writings from the primitive records, a personal interpretation of the law was employed.

The language used and the method of describing the law is recorded in a peculiar manner and is misleading.

The ancient writers recorded the formation of races, time, space, and the astronomical law as the words of a God spoken to man, which have led students of these writings to infer that there existed a personal God who spoke the words written in these books.

It is the law and the misinterpretation of the writings which are described in this book, and that is what in B.C. time, was called ancient wisdom.