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Ancient Civilizations s03 [large filesize]

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Explore mysteries of the ancient world from symbols left by Atlantis to mysterious power sources, trace the lineage of humanity through giants and elongated heads, seeking the deepest secrets of our hidden past.

Featuring: Gregg Braden, Jack Cary, William Henry, Andrew Collins, Freddy Silva, Sonja Grace, Maria Wheatley, Billy Carson, Matias De Stefano, Chris Dunn, Johnny Enoch, Tricia McCannon, Nassim Haramein, Valery Uvarov, Konstantin Korotkov, Sarah Adams, William Brown, Anton Parks, Crotalo Sesamo, Erich von Daniken, Brad Olsen

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Nice, many thanks for sharing

Thank you very much for sharing !!!

Season 1 was golden, season 2 was rotten. Season 3...