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Anatomy For Beginners - A Live Autopsy (2 DL-DVD .MDF's)

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A Live Autopsy: Anatomy For Beginners - Body Worlds DVD | MDF | 9.5 GB

"If you can bear to watch, the dissections are fascinating and extremely educational" Paul Hoggat, The Times. Gunther von Hagens & John A. Lee take you through a real autopsy in front of a live audience. The 200 minute long autopsy reveals how the human body functions, From the brains to the toes it takes viewers on a tour of the inner body in four chapters Movement, Circulation, Digestion & Reproduction, with professionalism, and a LIVE "cadaver" model, explaing intricacies never before understandable by the GP.

These are ISO-type files, making 2 Dual-Layer DVD's, Part 1, and Part 2. EXCELLENT clarity, camera work, audio, AND production quality. 5 STARS from me; and this is not BRUTALISM of ANY KIND. NO BLOOD. Very sanitary, if you will.

NOTE: Due to the brutal nature of society, and the impending violence about to unfold, this educational film is a fantastic learning tool, come time when we may be forced to see such graphic things on a daily scale. Look, Obamas' "Hellth Care Pkg." just passed into LAW in the USSA, there is likely to be revolutionary, violent acts, by misconstrued "patriots", so, sit back, get ready to have your gut checked! No pun intended, of course...

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