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Anarchy & The Occult Part II - Religion vs. Initiation - Mark Passio

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Anarchy & The Occult Part II - Religion vs. Initiation
By Mark Passio

In this special presentation originally delivered at Anarchapulco 2019, Mark Passio discusses how erroneous belief systems such as Moral Relativism continue to hold back the forward progress of the modern-day Anarchist movement. Mark will explain why a deep understanding of Natural Law must be the foundation of any true anarchist’s moral and spiritual life. In this presentation, Mark exposes and dispels the dialectics of Atheism and Religion in the Anarchist community through an introduction to the Initiation processes of the ancient Mystery Traditions. Divisive in-fighting within the anarchist community is also addressed in an effort to create unity and inspiration for pragmatic action leading to positive real-world change.

Originally Presented: February 15, 2019, Acapulco, Mexico
Associate Producer: Leiha Boone
Video Editor: Joel Torres

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