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Ananda M. Bosman's presentation for the 4th Shamanism Conference in Iquitos Peru 2008

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Hyperdimensional Hadronic Horizon

3D space symmetry collapses at 10 to the minus thirteenth centimeter in the atom. From that point onwards the laws of physics no longer operate. This is called the Hadronic Horizon which is a hyper dense medium which is hyper local. Meaning it is local in the heart of every atom everywhere as a singular infinite rigid state. It is hyper temporal. Meaning it is of course past, present, and future, everywhere, every when. It is hyper spatial meaning it is multi dimensional. It is hyper relative, hyper relativity supercedes relativity.

The new understanding with hadron mechanics is…

The electrons sphere over laps the super massive hadron proton. The hadron proton is the hyper dense media where they overlap and then the couple, they produce the neutron. The neutron is the overlapping of the two; this is a big cover up in mainstream science. We’re told that when protons and electrons combine together the neutron is formed. And they can again decay and become electrons and protons again. Well there is a certain amount of energy required to make this conversion, which is not dealt with at all and hadronic mechanics dispels that misnomer. So in the heart of our atoms we have not 3d not 4d but hyper dimensionality. The nature of what we are is something completely other to what we thought before, something very exciting, something that we have begun to experience through the shamanic apotheosis. We’re in a gradual collective cognosis and apotheosis and epiphany with our macro irreversible hyper archetype or operator. So within the heart of the atom, long before the proton, already we have a medium that’s even super luminal, hyper dense, and is local everywhere and every when. Any interaction with that median is an interaction with everything, everywhere, and every when in any galaxy, in every galaxy, in any planet, in every planet; past, present, and future in this universe. In every being and any being past, present, and future in this universe, in every molecule, as one with every molecule, past, present, and future in this universe and extra dimensional aspects of this. This is the new empirical knowledge and understanding that we need to digest and when we do digest it, and we need to do this entheosiastically to bring in the entheogenesis and enthusiasm. Then indeed we have revisioned our world as we know it. We are on the cusp of that. It is irreversible, hadronic mechanics is mainstream. It will also reverse all radioactivity although that’s too politically hot now.

There is a force in the whole universe that in DMT let’s say, we take the 188 configurations, there is a molecular binding force between them the 188 electrons, that configuration is a force throughout the universe that gives a certain pattern, a pattern that can be seen like a quality, an archetype, that is an underlying principle of the whole universe. So the molecules that are active personify an underlying living principle of the whole universe, so you come in contact with an underlying principle of the whole universe through interacting with a hadronic force. Interaction by 8 cycles per second with the hadronic horizon therefore is interaction with a hyper presence, everywhere and every when, thereby the experience of other times, of other spaces, the uncanny ability to be able to see into ones ancestry and see specific details. Or things not related to one self at all but which turn out to be accurate as you describe it to someone who you meet later, that you realize by some déjà vu that you had seen in a shamanic session. These phenomena which many of you will have experienced and it takes a while to bring into words, now make logical sense.


This is truly unique material! And still unique today. Ananda is an amazing source of mindblowing knowledge and insight. His multi-dimensional explorations are wild and go very deep.
Certainly not for everyone, and not for the faint of heart :-)