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America's Secret Destiny by Ralph Epperson

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America's Secret Destiny by Ralph Epperson

Historian Ralph Epperson provides the evidence that this nation's founding fathers committed us to a "secret destiny", one that the people would not approve of if they knew about it in advance. In an easy to understand presentation with slides Epperson explains how the American people have been fooled by the founding fathers right from the start. He explains why you can avoid federal income taxes by rejecting a social security card and why most Americans have, without knowing, a dual citizenship. He explains the difference between "The united States" and "The United States of America" and why Washington DC is actually a tyranny. According to Epperson, "America" means "Lucifer" and has been founded as a tool of the Illuminati for the mere purpose of creating a one world government. The American Constitution was never meant to last.

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America's Secret Destiny (Part 1)
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America's Secret Destiny (Part 2)
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Epperson - The Unseen Hand (1994)

Carroll Quigley - Tragedy and Hope (1966)

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Manly P. Hall - The Secret Destiny of America (1944)

Albert Pike - Morals and Dogma

Comment: The books included are most of those being mentioned by Ralph in his videos. Some statements have been made in this presentation that I've never heard before anywhere. Ralph makes me think of Jordan Maxwell - he argues in a similar way. He convinces us that Masons are actually worshipping Lucifer, and that they don't believe in the true one GOD. Furthermore, he argues that lower Masonic grades have no clue what kind of god they really worship. Rather simple stuff, but quite convincing. He also explains in detail what you want to know about your one dollar-bill. Bill Cooper would have liked him.