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America's Book of Secrets, Special Edition s01 (2020) [mp4]

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Stories and places that have been shrouded in secrecy and hidden from view...will be revealed in each episode giving viewers secret access to some of America's most iconic locations and organizations. “America's Book of Secrets: Special Edition” will go deeper, farther and wider than ever before in an unceasing effort to bring viewers the truth behind today's all new, shocking headlines.

1. White House Secrets and Scandals
Takes an inside look at the secret protocols, hidden history, and public scandals of America's highest office.

3. Top Secret Operations
Uncovers the clandestine activities and state-of-the-art training of the U.S. Special Forces and government agencies that undertake the most dangerous surveillance.

4. The Power of Money
Reveals not only the underground world of America's wealthiest citizens and the depths at which their power and influence take root.

5. Crimes and Punishments
Uncovers the clandestine world of organized crime and delves into the secrets behind some of the most infamous misdeeds in American history.

6. The Strange and the Bizarre
Recent discoveries of previously unknown hominids and breakthroughs in genetic technology have given a nation of Bigfoot believers new hope that this creature will be found.

8. Hiding in Plain Sight
From Masonic symbols to concealed bases and hidden tunnels that exist right under our feet, are many of America's best kept secrets hiding in plain sight?

9. Big Brother is Watching
In this age of unlimited access, who is collecting our information? And what are they using it for?

10. A World Gone Mad
What causes a person to go so far as commit acts of terrorism?

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