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Altiyan Childs Exposes Freemasonry

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"In this five-hour video, Australian rock star Altiyan Childs, has broken his Masonic vows and risked his life to prove beyond any doubt that Freemasonry is Satanism, and Freemasons control the world."


How recent is this?

What do people think?


not sure what tha tmeans

that's inb NY and looks nothing like that...
However with a bit of google-fu I found that an old masonic Temple was bought by MTV Canada as a concert venue and HQ.. they have sold it now apparently.
the building went through quite a few owners after the masons sold it and eventually MTV bought it and then sold it in 2013 to an IT firm.
it being sold predates the video by a few years as MTV sold it in 2013 as stated.
he points to a masonic sign with a hand under the shirt.. look at other pictures of known masons doing it. it seems to be always done with the right hand only.
And.. women?????? not in "Regular Freemasonry" . the baring of the chest during rituals is apparently to make sure there's no tits! LOL
i am not even a fucking mason and i can catch this out.
it's all online to see and a google search away. am 1 hour and 16 minutes in.. I'll probably fall asleep before this finishes!

I'm really interested in this subject. I want to know the truth. Is this guy telling it?

zoopenhoff wrote:

I'm really interested in this subject. I want to know the truth. Is this guy telling it?

not being a masons i can't say for deffo but he does bring out all the old fundamental christian "boak"(Scots for vomit).
if he is gonna bullshit about something as easily findable as MTV HQ then that, to me anyway, makes him unreliable really.
why talk shit about silly little things like that? ir reflects badly on the rest really.
He repeatedly bangs on about women in freemasonry.
the only women in it are in "clandestine" or irregular lodges. Usually under a Grand Orient banner.
The difference between Grand Lodge and Grand orient???
In a regular grand lodge system you have the lodge that we will pretend we are all in.
It'll have it's lodge officers under it's Master.
Above that is Provincial Grand lodge with officers elected by the lodges under it.
Aboce that a Grand Lodge elected by the provincials and at the top of that greasy pole the Grand Master Mason.
in Scotland the Scottish Rite including the Royal Arch 18˚ Knight Rose Croix ,30˚ Knight of Kadosh, 31˚ Inspector Inquisitor, 32˚ Master of the Royal Secret
33˚ Inspector Generalup to the 33rd art all appendant bodies and andf is separate from the Grand Lodge. Each order has it's own grand lodge type thing. In Scotland the grand master and other Grand officers of appendant bodies have fixed 5 year terms.

In the Grand Oreient irregular system the Grand Master is the isn't called that but is the Sovreign grand Commander and it's his show from the blue lodges right up through the other appendant bodies and doesn't have a fixed term, don't require a belief in god/supreme being and let atheists in.
from what i gather this makes them irergular and shunned by the regular guys.

there is a thing called the eastern star which has both men and women but it's a separate order and apparently must have a Freemason at every meeting.
apparently here in Scotland a lot of wives of Orange order dickheads join it as there is a crossover between those two lodge systems, especially on the weszxt coast. this is due to Northern Irish orange protestants connection of Ulster Scots and actual Scots.

ALL the old rituals are online at but they have changed. I got hold of as ritual book for an Aberdeen lodgein a 2nd hand book store.
there were some words blanked out but there are differences from the web of hiram old ones.
for example, after the "blood curdling oaths" there's a line "in these days we neither could nor would inflict such a penalty but rather rely on the equally severe penalty of being branded a wilfully perjured individual, void of all moral worth an unfit to be recieved into any society of men that requires honesty and fidelity".
I'll try to dig it out and show that but. don't have a scanner so can't ve fucked photographiong it all!
I suppose they leave that bit out as there isn't much drama in that line really.
NOT that i am stickign up for the lodge.. any of them but i have spent a LOT of time reading whatever is available on it from books by masons to books by non masons.