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Alternative 3 Illuminati Survival Colonies by Vladimir Terziski

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Alternative 3 Illuminati Survival Colonies by Vladimir Terziski

Discussion on the Alternative 2 underground bases and Alternative 3 Moon and Mars Illuminati evacuation and survival colonies.

Documentary footage of the first and secret Illuminati joint manned Soviet-American saucer landing on Mars, May 22nd 1962, right behind the smokescreen of the "raging" Cold War.

The Alternative 3 film as Illuminati engineered "designer leak".

Let those see who want to see.



Vladimir Terziski - Illuminati Survival Colonies - 2hrs:2min:43sec (5 parts)

Alternative 3 (1977).mp4 - 54min:16sec


Brian Harvey - Soviet and Russian Lunar Exploration 2007.pdf
British Study Edition of the Urantia Papers.pdf
Extra Reading What NASA Mars.pdf
Friedman Top Secret Majic.pdf
History of NASA Spaceflight.pdf
Mars Exploration Activities.pdf
Mars Project by Wernher von Braun.pdf
NASA Mars Human Mission Planning 1950-2000.pdf
NASA sp4410 Mars Exploration Report.pdf
Oahspe Apocrypha.pdf
On Mars Exploration of the Red Planet 1958-1978.pdf
Space Exploration.pdf
Sprunger Abridged Urantia.pdf
The Urantia Book - Study Edition.pdf
The Urantia Book.pdf
Top Secret Black Budget Projects Special Access Programs.pdf

comment: Terziski is super-smart IMHO.

technical: There are a few serious problems with the soundtrack of the Alternative 3 film footage at the beginning Vladimir's lecture, that's why I've included the original Alternative 3 film. I suggest you watch this film first: "Alternative 3 (1977).mp4" and then move on to "03 Vladimir Terziski - Illuminati Survival Colonies.mp4" starting at 11min:26sec and onwards.