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Alone in the Wilderness of Alaska - Dick Proenneke [survival pack]

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Alone in the Wilderness of Alaska - Dick Proenneke [survival pack]

IMDb rating: 9.0

Documentary tells the story of Dick Proenneke who, in the late 1960s, built his own cabin in the wilderness at the base of the Aleutian Peninsula, in what is now Lake Clark National Park. Using color footage he shot himself, Proenneke traces how he came to this remote area, selected a homestead site and built his log cabin completely by himself. The documentary covers his first year in-country, showing his day-to-day activities and the passing of the seasons as he sought to scratch out a living alone in the wilderness.

An amazing documentary about a man (Dick Proenneke) who spent 30 years living in a tiny log cabin in the Alaskan wilderness. By the end, I felt a little envious of him. His lifestyle is so appealing in its simplicity, but because of my reliance on modern conveniences, I know I never could live like he did. I think a lot of people would feel this way after watching "Alone in the Wilderness". Dick Proenneke was an unusual person who was able to devote his life to nature and really understood what it meant to be one with it. The way he was able to befriend animals is almost like something out of a Disney movie. This is a must see for anyone who ever wanted to leave it all and put civilization behind him.

I highly recommend the companion book 'Journals from Alaska' as well. I rarely read, and I couldn't put the book down.

"The More You Carry in Your Head, the Less You Carry on Your Back"

"The More You Carry in Your Heart, the Less You Carry in Your Head"

This torrent includes Dick's amazing book!


Dick Proenneke - Alaska Silence and Solitude (2005).m4v

Dick Proenneke - Alone in the Wilderness (2004).m4v

Dick Proenneke - The Frozen North (2006).m4v

Dick Proenneke - Alone in the Wilderness Part II (2011).m4v


Richard Proenneke - A Long Term Survival Guide Survival Cabins.pdf

Richard Proenneke - Journals from Alaska.pdf - 500 pages

Richard Proenneke - One Man's Wilderness _ An Alaskan Odyssey.pdf

Bushcraft Bibliography Annotated.pdf

Cruising Alaska.pdf

History of Alaska.pdf

Mineral Info 2004 Alaska.pdf

Myths and Legends of Alaska.pdf



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