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Aliens and Abductions from Higher Dimensions by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

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Aliens and Abductions from Higher Dimensions by Laura Knight-Jadczyk High Strangeness: Hyperdimensions & The Process of Alien Abduction High Strangeness is an enlightening attempt to weave together the contradictory threads of religion, science, history, alien abduction, and the true nature of political conspiracies. With thorough research and a drive for the truth, Laura Knight-Jadczyk strips away the facades of official culture and opens doors to understanding our reality. The Second Edition adds new material that explains the hyperdimensional mechanisms by which our reality is controlled and shaped by the 'alien' overlords. The self-serving actions of unwitting puppets - psychopaths and other pathological types - who may have no knowledge that they are being used, become the portals through which an agenda that is hostile to humanity as a whole, is pushed forward. High Strangeness takes the study of ponerology into a whole new dimension! Review: High Strangeness is a book that lays out provocatively and passionately the hidden slavery of the human race. Calling this book a new paradigm is a gross understatement. Understanding it will require most readers to discard nearly everything they think they know about how the world works. I realize this is a significant claim, and I do not make it lightly. It's a rare book that has the ability truly to change one's mind about the world. Rarest of all are those gems with the ability to change one s life. Laura Knight-Jadczyk's High Strangeness is such a book. I am grateful to Laura Knight-Jadczyk for her courage in facing some of the most difficult issues human beings can face. She is a shining light in a world of darkness. --Richard Dolan, author of UFOs and the National Security State High Strangeness by Laura Knight-Jadczyk is filled with important information that is vital to the research of UFOs and paranormal phenomenon. Laura's work in this area is very valuable and it is a must to read by all who are currently active or those who plan to get involved with the study of this new area of exploration. If more individuals in this area would pay her work more attention we may come closer to solving this mystery. --Philip Imbrogno, author of Interdimensional Universe Laura Knight-Jadczyk s High Strangeness is a concise and, at the same time, comprehensive overview of the author s wide-ranging theories about everything from the origin of our species to the sinister forces that have thwarted democracy and human freedom everywhere for millennia. I heartily recommend High Strangeness to anyone, scholar and layperson alike, who is seeking a better understanding of who we human beings are and where we are heading. --C. Scott Littleton, Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus, Occidental College --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. Review: There are plenty of books out there on alien abduction -- some good, some terrible, with a whole spectrum in between. Many authors (those who don't set up to debunk from the outset, that is) approach this subject in a nuts-and-bolts fashion, assuming that if aliens exist, they must be 3-dimensional beings visiting us from some other distant solar system. Knight-Jadczyk weighs in with a novel hypothesis that the oft-mentioned Greys are, in fact, hyperdimensional beings, and that alien abductions are a hyperdimensional phenomenon, explaining why there is so much high strangeness and lack of conventional evidence involved in these encounters. She also argues forcefully that the Greys are not some kind of benign alien 'space brother', but that our best interests are the furthest thing from their mind and that we actually function as a kind of commodity in a larger food chain of which the vast majority of humanity is unaware. Part autobiography, part scientific analysis, and part esoteric illumination, I consider this one of the best descriptions in print on this difficult subject. ebook: Aliens and Abductions from Higher Dimensions - Laura Knight-Jadczyk.pdf audiobook: Mac computer voice Tessa, run time: 18 hrs 0 min 18 sec, 64kbps tags: aliens, UFOs, ETs, abductions, MILABS, hyperspace, interdimensional, time travel
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I never understood why the aliens like anal probing SO much! It must be archetypal - I am sure Carl Jung had an answer...