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Alien Case Files - Season 1 (2019)

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Episode descriptions

1.Fast Walkers

A fast-moving U.F.O was recorded on the International Space Station camera and some reports are referring to it as a "Fast Walker",which is a term used by N.O.R.A.D. What are Fast Walkers,why is the government so interested in them? Should we be worried?

2.Alien Abduction

Hear directly from U.F.O and Alien abductees.The stories that these experiencers share will shock you.

3.Alien Invasion

While we are caught up in our daily lives dealing with traffic,social media madness and simply trying to pay our bills,a war with aliens is occurring in outer space and has been for decades.

4.Aliens and Atlantis

The mystery of Atlantis has alluded humanity for centuries.What more can be covered of this legendary city,and could it have more other worldly secrets to uncover?

5.Alien Watchers

There are eyes all around us.Even in the sky and beyond.

6.UFOs 1973

American history is riddled with mysterious objects in the sky.This episode will look into the past,the year 1973 and uncover secret truths about UFOs.