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Alexander Hislop - The Two Babylons

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Alexander Hislop - The Two Babylons You may be surprised to learn that many traditions of Roman Catholicism in fact don't come from Christ's teachings but from an ancient Babylonian 'Mystery" religion that was centered on Nimrod, his wife Semiramis, and a child Tammuz. This book shows how this ancient religion transformed itself as it incorporated Christ into its teachings. You may be surprised that certain practices like confessions, and crossing ones self, and even the position of the Pope come from traditions of this mystery cult. Originally a pamphlet published in 1853, The Two Babylons is Hislop's most famous work. In this book he argues that the Roman Catholic Church is nothing more than pagan cult, with roots in Babylonian mystery cults, which have a bank of secret knowledge only available to those who have been formally accepted into the cult. Roman Catholics, Hislop argues, are descendants from early Christians who adopted the Roman religion descended from the worship of Semiramis, the wife of the founder of Babylon. By discrediting 'the true Christianity of Catholics' [LOL!], Hislop hoped to bolster the legitimacy of the Protestant and Scottish Reformations. Students of theology and those interested in the complex history of Christianity will find Hislop's arguments provocative enough that they may be moved to further research of their own. Scottish minister ALEXANDER HISLOP (1807-1865) became an ordained clergymen in the Free Church of Scotland in 1844. comment: The Illuminati are ready to bring down the RC Church in order to make room for their one world religion under the NWO. It is certainly possible that Pope Francis has been instructed by the Illuminati and their Black Pope to intentionally discredit the Vatican, and even undermine the Pope's very authority in order to destroy the faith of all Roman Catholics in the RC Church. The Vatican seems to have served its use for the Illuminati, now it has to dissolve itself to make room for something else, something more wicked, something more universal, more global. This historical process bodes ill for all true Christians, unwilling to be deceived by the False Prophet, Christians who had never been adepts of the Pontiff in the first place, and who won't be be deceived by the False Prophet, refusing to get integrated into the Luciferian one world religion, the prophesied global satanic singularity. Surely the 'happy Muslim tradition' of beheading Christians will find its use in Europe, considering that the current Jesuit Pontiff has been advocating the massive influx of Muslims to the Continent, including members of ISIS. These aggressive Mohammedans may well become highly useful tools of the new world order very soon, mortal tools of the cunning Illuminati to get rid of dissident Christians, those capable of seeing through the Machiavellian deception. audio: Leo Zagami Breaks Down Globalists' Plans.m4a THE ARREST OF THE POPE.m4a audiobook: computer voice, Mac Tessa, AAC 48kbps VBR, 13h:45m:54s Alexander Hislop - The Two Babylons.m4a ebooks: Alexander Hislop - The Two Babylons, 1858.pdf Alexander Hislop - The Two Babylons.pdf Hislop, Alexander - The Two Babylons.pdf The Two Babylons - A Hislop.pdf tags: Babylon, Vatican, Pope, mysteries, occult, Roman, Catholicism, Christianity, Semiramis
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