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Alex Jones Everything Special 480p x264 - OCIN (inc extras) 2012.02.22

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Best High Quality DVD-Rips of Alex Jones mind blowing, eye opening documentaries. Everthing is ripped in original DVD resolutions (mod8 cropped when needed). There is nothing like this out there so please seed and spread this arround the net. All DVD-extras are included and some have aditional audio line in German and/or subtitles in serval languages.

If you dont know any of this Films I would suggest that you start with Terrorstorm ;)

Release Date____: 22.02.2012
Release Size____: 20,1 GB
Genre___________: Documentary
Fame Rate_______: 29.97
Resolution______: ~720x480
Video Codec_____: x264
Video Bitrate___: ~1150kbps
Audio___________: aac 112kbps 2ch vbr english
________________: ( aac 112kbps 2ch vbr german )
Subtitles_______: ( english, italian, hungarian
________________: polish, portuguese, romanian,
________________: russian, spanish, polish )
Source__________: DVD

All NFOs can be found here:

@Scene: Why you rape down DVD's to 640x352 xvid or even lower just because some DVD players from the Stone Age dont handle more. Guys its 2012 your xvid rules suck!