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Alex Cuppett Interviews - Vatican Evils

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National Security Alert - U.S. War Crimes

Clearly the Prophecy Club's most popular speaker, Alex Cuppet is a former "Action Officer" in the Pentagon and retired Master Sergeant in the United States Army. Alex served our country in Korea and Vietnam, winning many honors in the process. After Alex completed his Pentagon service in 1991, (the day Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait) he started doing research on many of the things he was seeing that bothered him. What he discovered literally horrified him. He found that the government was planning to turn this country's government over to United Nations led "New World Order." The more he researched, the more he found. Concentration camps in the USA, foreign troops, German Air Bases on US Airports, the list goes on and on.

Alex is also one of the leading experts in the Bible Code sub-field of Bible Numerics. Alex discovered that the numbers of the Bible have consistent tendencies. He found that every time you see a one, it has a certain meaning, and that a two has a different but consistent meaning. He, like Mr. Mack, believes that nothing happens at random: that there is order and purpose in everything that happens.

Alex also came face to face with another truth of the end times: the identity of the Apostle Paul's Man of Sin (which some insist upon calling "the Anti-Christ."). Introduced to the world as "Maitreya" by Benjamin Creme and his end of the "New Age Movement," Alex discovered quite by accident that this man's name was really "Apostikane." When he first started tracking this man, he was holding "healing meetings for Christians" in the country of Jordan. After that, as Al traveled the world on speaking engagements, he would hear of even more places where Apostikane had appeared. Our Anti-Christ Watch website comes as a result of Al's research. Pray for Al as he continues to research this vital issue. There are forces out there who do not want Al to find the truth of this.

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