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Alex Collier - Moon and Mars

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This a video transfer of a rare, mid '90s Alex
Collier, Andromedan contactee, slide show presentation of bases and anomalies on the Moon and Mars. Alex disappeared off the radar for a while but now he appears to be back. The images displayed, espeacially the ones of the moon, rocked my world back then; so severly, I haven't been the same since; wrecked craft, bases, a monument to Enki. Most of the images he displays I have not seen in other recent presentations on the subject, let alone his explanations. Even if you don't buy into his commentary, the images will cause you to ponder the possibilities. I decided to keep the file size up to preserve the image quality as much as possible so you can actually see the anomalies. Also the audio and video are in sync. Enjoy!

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