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Albert Close - Jesuit Plots from Elizabethan to Modern Times

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Albert Close - Jesuit Plots from Elizabethan to Modern Times (pdf) - roflcopter2110

It has always been well known to Roman Catholics that the Jesuit General is referred to as “the Black Pope”. Jesuit priest Chris Chatteris, writing in a South African newspaper in early 2008 after the new general’s election, did what Jesuits do best: he put a good spin on the title. This is what he wrote:“Take the cliché about the Jesuit General being the ‘black Pope’. This is explained in some papers with sartorial superficiality as being because the Pope wears white and the Jesuit General black. Deep analysis. The tag’s origins actually refer to the fact that both men are elected for life. And the point of the ‘black Pope’s’ lifelong term is not to imitate the ‘white Pope’. It is about the need that the Jesuit founder, St Ignatius of Loyola, felt for continuity of government and the avoidance of frequent meetings to elect new superiors.” Nice try, Sir. That’s a whitewash. Here’s the real reason: “In Roman Catholic circles it is well known that the Black Pope is the term used for the General of the Jesuits. As the Pope is always robed in white, and the General in black, the contrast is obvious. But those Romanists who do not greatly love the Jesuits, and their number is not limited, use the term as indicating that the Black Pope rules the White Pope.” He is called this because he is known to be the real power behind the Vatican throne, rather than the pope!