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Alan Orr - NHB Extreme Wing Chun DVD series - Volumes 1-7

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Alan Orr - NHB Extreme Wing Chun DVD series - Volumes 1-7

DVD 1 - NHB Wing Chun: Extreme Old School Boxing I

• Read 'Old School' punching secrets
• Developing power through correct body structure
• How to take structural control of your opponent
• How to make your NHB punching really work!
• The Correct footwork and positioning for real power
• Power Punching Toolbox - sets of punches for power and penetration
• Controlling Skill development
• How to make your kicking Devastating
• Defence for Medium range attacks
• Takedown Control and Defence
• Pad Training the Medium range with Live Structure Testing

DVD 2 -HB Wing Chun: Extreme Old School Boxing II

• Defending the body in NHB
• Reaction training for close quarter combat
• Jab defensive techniques and drills
• Dealing with the 'Haymaker' punch
• Counters to the Over Hand right (one of the hardest punches to stop!)
• Countering punches along different lines
• NHB punching combination drills
• Pad training for power and knockout striking intensity

DVD 3 - NHB Wing Chun: Extreme Old School / Dirty Boxing Clinch I

• Dealing 'Old School' boxing skills for total medium range control
• Controlling the head - the key to an effective clinch
• Understanding underhooks and overhooks
• Impact striking with the elbow and forearm
• Knee striking the body and head with Structural Control
• 'Working the body' - power shots and uppercuts
• Takedown defence and control

DVD 4 - NHB Wing Chun: Body Structure Extreme Chi Sao I

• Correct Wing Chun body structure alignment - This is 101 the most important area of Chi Sao!
• Body Turning the right way - The most misunderstood concept in Wing Chun!
• Kinetic linking and the Key to developing Wing Chun skill
• Controlling your opponent's energy - Correct Body Structure Methods!
Without this knowledge you can't deal with a strong opponent.
• Mental Methods for Chi Sao - The Key to advance training in Chi Sao!
• How Wing Chun footwork really works!
• Drills to practice and develop your Chi Sao skill levels

DVD 5 - NHB Wing Chun: Body Structure Extreme Chi Sao II

• Dealing with Advanced principles of Chi Sao application - Don't sleep until you have seen this!!
• Understanding Range Control - close, medium and long range combat drills -
It time to understand what your real goals are in Chi Sao!
• Distancing for complete opponent control - learn to bridge your skills from
Basic Chi Sao to functional Chi Sao! -A must for all Wing Chun practitioners!

DVD 6 - NHB Wing Chun: Body Structure Extreme Chin Na I

• Learn for the first time - The Wing Chun approach to Chin Na - Joint Locks, Chokes, Muscle control, Pressure points, Takedowns, finish your opponent with full structure control
• Joint control techniques
• How to apply Wing Chun hand positions in Chin Na - Now you can learn the missing link to your Wing Chun Knowledge
• Chin Na defence - freeing hand applications
• Muscle grabs for inflicting pain and controlling your opponent
• Utilising the hacking elbow -These applications will be the icing on the cake for you!

DVD 7 - NHB Wing Chun: Body Structure Extreme Chin Na II

• Advanced head and body control techniques - Learn drills to flow from start to finish!
• Learn Correct hip and weight control for ultimate Chin Na effectiveness
• Powerful locks and throws - applications from the forms!
• Neck control with killer finishes
• Advanced positional drills for incredible Chin Na control
• Extreme level positional control with punching
• Integrating Chi Sao and Chin Na application and drills