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The Afterlife Investigations: The Scole Experiment (2011)

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In 1993, the Scole Experimental Group embarked on a five-year experiment using a revolutionary kind of ‘energy' to produce tangible objects from the spirit world.

The term ‘tangible objects’ means things recognisable to our senses or our instruments – visible manifestations, lights, sounds, touches, tastes and smells. Some of the tangible objects took the form of messages transmitted onto photographic film, audio-tape and videotape.

The aim of the Scole Experimental Group was to produce not just one tangible object but such a huge number and variety that scientists would have to sit up and take notice. In fact, it was not long before a variety of senior scientists, including some very experienced researchers into the unknown, became interested in the phenomena being produced. The Scole Group was happy to allow scientific scrutiny of their work, a fact which impressed the scrutineers. Among the investigating team were electrical engineers, astrophysicists, criminologists, psychologists and mathematicians.

The Scole Experiment