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After the Warming: What Will Earth Be Like In 2050? (1989) 1of2

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Using "virtual reality" computer simulations, social journalist James Burke traces the Earth's history of ice ages and warming trends, and presents several possible scenarios caused by the greenhouse effect during the 1990s to 2050. The video release consists of two parts, "The Fatal Flower" and "Secret of the Deep".

Part 1: The Fatal Flower
The first part is based on history before 1990. It theorizes and tells facts about the effects global weather has had on the history of mankind and how some historical events happened also because of natural temperature change.

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Anyone who says the alarmists have only been at it for a few years need to watch this. I did when it came out, and almost believed the BS predictions.

BTW Burke's doomsday cult predictions based on 'climate models' predicted a global increase in temp of 10°C with 25°C at the poles by 2050. He also claimed if drastic measures weren't implemented by the year 2000, mankind could not stop the warming and would therefore perish. Sounds like a doomsday cult to me...