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A&E Investigates: Cults And Extreme Belief - Season 1 (2018)

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In Cults and Extreme Belief, Elizabeth Vargas, alongside former members of controversial organizations, goes on a search to uncover how these sects use their influence to prey upon people’s desperation to create powerful and often destructive belief systems. Each episode will take an immersive look at one currently active group through the eyes of past devotees and get perspective from believers and leaders that are still inside.

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CultsAndExtremeBelief.s01e01.2018.NXIVM.960x540.mkv 41m14s 960x540 AVC AAC
CultsAndExtremeBelief.s01e02.2018.JehovahsWitnesses.960x540.mkv 44m9s 960x540 AVC AAC
CultsAndExtremeBelief.s01e03.2018.ChildrenOfGod.960x540.mkv 44m1s 960x540 AVC AAC
CultsAndExtremeBelief.s01e04.2018.U.N.O.I.960x540.mkv 43m19s 960x540 AVC AAC
CultsAndExtremeBelief.s01e05.2018.WorldPeaceAndUnificationSanctuary.960x540.mkv 42m51s 960x540 AVC AAC
CultsAndExtremeBelief.s01e06.2018.TwelveTribes.960x540.mkv 42m43s 960x540 AVC AAC
CultsAndExtremeBelief.s01e07.2018.FLDS.960x540.mkv 42m37s 960x540 AVC AAC
CultsAndExtremeBelief.s01e08.2018.TheSurvivorsSpeak.1of2.640x360.avi 41m48s 640x360 xvid MPEG Audio
CultsAndExtremeBelief.s01e09.2018.TheSurvivorsSpeak.2of2.640x360.avi 41m48s 640x360 xvid MPEG Audio