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Advanced Hyperspace Oversoul Deprogramming Techniques Stewart Swerdlow

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Advanced Hyperspace Oversoul Deprogramming Techniques Stewart Swerdlow Introduction: Now we are going to start out light and get more intense. This class is about advance techniques in all categories, so it's not just in one particular category. We're going to do advance color work, healing techniques and deprogramming. We're even going to do astral work, which we've never done before, and advance DNA, dream work, Golden-Wing Lion work and techniques. We're also going to talk about relationships and we'll do a section on Oversoul techniques and a simultaneous existence section. Last night, Janet asked if you could bring dreams in since we will do dreams this afternoon, so write your dreams down and we'll do in-depth analysis of that. First, we will start with advance color layering and visualizations. I'm sure all of you have in your life a person, groups of people in your life, or a place or thing with whom you have strained connections or strained relations. How many of you need to reconnect with someone in your life who is distant from you or completely cut off or strained relations in some way. I'm sure you all have that. So, what do you do about that? Anybody want to talk about what you do energetically to help you with that person? comment: This ebook is from another torrent on, the audio-book, the other text versions and the spell-checking have been done by me. Contents: introduction exercise to heal a relationship multi-colored layered visualization to dissipate overwhelming feelings white light visualization alpha-omega color therapy visualization #1 alpha-omega color therapy visualization #2 advanced healing techniques merger with alternate and parallel selves visualization vibrating cells for healing visualizaton food: herbs and vitamins advanced green spiral staircase exercise dna exercise in finding one's animal alters exercise on opening dna exercise to scan the kuiper's belt exercise on scanning antarctica dreams lion frequency visualization golden winged lion visualization your perfect partner and relationships visualization to see your perfect mate deprogramming body parts astral work visualization to uncover a demonic alter defense techniques advanced simultaneous existences visualization into simultaneous existences techniques to change the weather ebook: Advanced Hyperspace, Oversoul and Deprogramming Techniques by Stewart Swerdlow.pdf audio-book: Stewart Swerdlow Deprogramming Techniques.mp3 specs: Daniel UK Mac computer voice, duration: 05 hrs 16 min 27 sec tags: hyperspace, soul, mind control, mkultra, healing, therapy, DNA, chakras, kundalini, occult
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This is just my personal opinion so don't rag on me if it doesn't jibe with your point of view.

This guy, Swerdlow, is just a shyster that spews utter tripe. I was foolish enough to get one of his books years ago to check out (Blue Blood True Blood) and it was just whacked stuff with him rambling all over the place.

I think he's merely pushing any type of crap to try to get a buck and to confuse and misdirect people.

Also, he is one of the tribe; and specifically he is the grandson of Yakov Sverdlov, one of the communists implicated in the murder of the Czar and his family.

Per the works of William Guy Carr and Robert Wilton's The Last Days of the Romanovs the order to kill the Czar came down this channel: Jacob Schiff->Lenin->Sverdlov->Yurovsky, all tribe members.

Take this any way you wish to but the old saying that the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree definitely applies here, i.e. deceit and brutality are about as much that one can expect from most of the tribe, especially the diehard zioscum.

But, feel free to check out Ryba's upload and do your own research on the matter.